The Warm Fuzzy Story

                      Once upon a time there lived two very happy people Jim and Maggie with their two
                    children called John and Lucy.  To understand how happy they were you have to
                   understand how things were in those days. You see, inthose days everyone was
given, at birth a soft warm fuzzy-bag.

                     Anytime a person reached into their bag, they were able topull out a warm fuzzy.
            Warm fuzzies were very much in demand, because whenever someone was
                        given a warm fuzzy, they would feel warm and fuzzy all over. The peoplewho didn't
                    get warm fuzzies regularly were in danger of developing sickness in their backs
                which caused them to shrivel up and die.  In those days it was very easy to get
                warm fuzzies.  Any time somebody felt like it, he might walk up to you and say
                "I would like to have a warm fuzzy from you." You would then dip into your bag
             and pull out a fuzzy the size of a little child's hand. As soon as the fuzzy came
                 out it would smile and blossom into a large shaggy warm fuzzy. You wouldthen
                    lay it on the persons shoulder or head or lap and itwould snuggle and melt right
                               against their skin and make them feel good all over.

             People were always asking each other for warm fuzzies andsince they were
              always given freely, getting enough of them was never a problem.There were
                  always plenty to go around and as a consequence everyone was happy and felt
warm and  fuzzy most of the time.

               One day a bad witch became angry because everyone washappy and no-one
                  was buying her potions anany of her salves. The witch was very clever and she
               devised  a very wicked plan.  One beautiful morning, she crept up to Jim while
              Maggie was playing with their daughter and whispered in his ear,"Look at all
                   the fuzzies that Maggie is giving to Lucy. You know, if she keeps it up eventually
                  she is going to run out and there won't be any left for you". Jim was astonished.
                       There isn't a warm fuzzy in our bag everytime we reach intoit?" and the witch said
                      "No! Absolutely not and once you run  out, that is it and you don't have any more."
       With this she flew away on her broom laughing and cackling hysterically.

                  Jim took this all to heart and began to notice everytime Maggie gave up a warm
                    fuzzy to anyone else. Eventually, he got very worried and upset because he liked
                 Maggie's warm fuzzies very much and did not want to give the up. He certainly
               did not think it was right for Maggie to be spendingall her warm fuzzies on the
                  children and on other people.  He began to complain everytime he saw  Maggie
                     giving  a warm fuzzy to somebody else and because Maggie liked himvery much
                       and did not want him to be upset, she stopped giving warm fuzzies to other people
                       and reserved them for him.

                             The children watched what was happening to Jim and Maggie and soon began to
                             get the idea that it was wrong to give up warm fuzzies everytime they were asked
                             or felt like it.  They too became careful, they would watch their parents closely and
                             whenever they felt that one of their parents was giving too many fuzzies to others,
                             they began to object.  They began to feel worried whenever they gave away too
                             many warm fuzzies, even though they found a warm fuzzyeverytime they reached
                             into their bag, and began to do so less and less and became more and more stingy.

                  Soon people began to notice the lack of warm fuzzies and they  began to feel less
                    and less fuzzy.  They began to shrivel up.  Occasionally people would die from lack
                       of warm fuzzies. and salves, even though they didn't work. The situationwas getting
                     very serious indeed. The bad witch, who had been watching all of this, didn't really
                    want the people to die, so she devised a new plan. Thewitch now gave everyone a
                    bag which was very similar to the fuzzy bag except that it was cold instead of being
warm like the fuzzy bag. Inside the witch bag were cold pricklies.


                    These cold pricklies did not make people feel warm and fuzzy but made them feel
                      cold and prickly instead. But they did prevent peoples backs from shriveling up, so
                   from then on, everytime somebody said "I want a warm fuzzy", people who were
                        worried about depleting their supply said "we can't give you a warm fuzzy but would
              you like a cold prickly?"  Sometimes two people would walk up to one another
                       thinking they could get a warm fuzzy, but one or the other would change their minds
                    and they would end up giving each other cold pricklies.  What was happening now
            was, that while very  few people were actually dying, a lot of people were still
                      unhappy and feeling very cold and prickly.

              The situation got very complicated because since the coming of the witch, there
                  were less and less warm fuzzies around, so warm fuzes, which used to be thought
              of as free as air now became very valuable. This caused people to do all sorts of
                    things in order to obtain warm fuzzies. Before the witch had appearepeople used to
                    gather in groups of four or five never caring too much who was giving warm fuzzies
                  to whom.  After the coming of the witch, people began to pair off and to reserve all
                   their warm fuzzies for each other exclusively. If ever one of the two persons  forgot
                 himself and gave a warm  fuzzy to someone else, he would immediately feel guilty
            about it because  he knew that his partner would probably resent the loss of the
               warm fuzzy. People who could not find a generous partner had to buy their warm
      fuzzies and had to work long hours to earn the money. Another thing which
            happened was that some people would take cold pricklies which were limitless
          and freely available and coat them white and fluffyand pass them  off as warm
                    fuzzies.These counterfeit warm (really plastic) fuzzies caused additional difficulties.

              For instancea few people would get together and freely exchangeplastic fuzzies
             which presumably should make them feel good but they came away feeling bad
             from there.  Since they thought they had been exchanging warm fuzzies. People
                 grew very confused about this, never realising thattheir cold prickly feelings were
            really the result of the fact that they had been given a lot of plastic fuzzies.  The
          situation was very, very difficult and it all started because of the coming of the
               wicked witch, who made people believethat someday, when least expected, they
             might reach into their warm fuzzy bag and find no more fuzzies.  Not long ago a
                    young woman with big hips and who was born under the sign of Aquarius, came to
               this unhappy land. She had not heard about the witch and was not worried about
                  running out of warm fuzzies. She gave them out freely even when not asked.  They
          called her the hip-woman and disapproved of her because she was giving the
            children the idea they should not worry about running out of warm fuzzies. The
                children liked her very much because they felt good around her and had begun to
give out warm fuzzies whenever they felt like it.

              The grown-ups became very concerned and decided to pass a law to protect the
      children from depleting supplies of warm fuzzies. The law made it a criminal
         offence to give out warm fuzzies in a reckless manner. The children however,
              seemed not to care and in spit of the new law,  they continued to give each other
            warm fuzzies whenever they felt like it and always when asked. Because there
          were many, many children almost as many as grown-ups, it began to look as if
            maybe they would have their way. As of now, it is hard to say what will happen.
              Will the grown up forces of law and order stop the recklessness of the children?
             Are the grown-ups going to join with the hip-woman and the children in taking a
       chance that there will always be as many warm fuzzies as needed? Will they
         remember the days their children are trying to bring back when warm fuzzies
were abundant because people gave them away freely?

Although I did not write this story
(wish I had - don't know who did)
I would like to offer you the opportunity to chose today
to select which bag you would like to carry around with you
   for the rest of your life.
When you decide, then select one of these "feelies" to live in your bag.
 They are magic.
This One is a "Cold Prickley."

This one is a "Warm Fuzzy."

                                          You may think you only get one, but you will not run out.

            Select the "feelie" of your choice and feel free to pass out as many as you like.
When you get yours, pass them around on the internet.
Add one to your e-mails.
Use them wisely and freely
and do enjoy.



                                                     To Select your gift place your cursor (the arror) on the "Warm Fuzzy"
                                                       or the "Cold Prickley" and click the right side of mouse and a menu
                                                         will appear.  Choose 'save image as' which will allow you to also
                                                        change the name to suit your filing system.  After you have found
                                                       where within your window or filing system you want to file gift then
                                                       Left click on 'save image.'  Save it in your file so you can use when
                                                         you see fit .   If further instructions are needed please e-mail me.
                                                                                   "warm Fuzzy" and "cold Prickley" gif's  created by Michiel J. Wagner



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