Dealing with Smoking Urges

We, the ex smokers and you who are experiencing quitting now, what are you doing to counter the urges
you have experienced ?  We need to share these ideas with each other.  We need to arm ourselves with all
the tools we can think of.  Believe me, You never know when just a little word you say will mean so much
to someone else.  It may be a very small thing you do to keep you from smoking that cigarette with your 
coffee, or after lunch or driving in the car.  What are you doing to prevent yourself from smoking at those
difficult times?  Please share it with all who are trying for a new, healthier lifestyle.  Who knows you may 
hold the key that helps that one somebody not fail at this most difficult task. 
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To prevent urges:

Throw away your smoking paraphernalia.  You no longer need it! 
Hide, give away, or throw away lighters, matches, cigarette cases, and containers. 
Get rid of all cigarettes by flushing them down the toilet. 
Don’t forget cigarette in old pocketbooks, pockets, or drawers 
(even stale cigarettes can sometimes be tempting). 

Avoid temptation.

Spend more time in “no smoking” areas. 
Try to avoid people who smoke. 
If you must be with friends who smoke ask them not to while they are with you 
(they will understand). 
Do more things in your home and after work that are not connected with smoking

Change your daily patterns.

Change morning patterns (Get up at a different time. 
Change the order of events like showering, brushing your teeth, walking the dog, 
eating breakfast, and reading the newspaper. Turn on a different radio station.) 
Change work patterns (change where you sit at work, where you hang your coat, organizing your desk, opening mail, making calls, watering plants). 
Change driving patterns (take a new route to work, try a different radio station,
change the radio volume, open or close windows). 
Change telephone habits 
(stand instead of sitting, hold the phone with your other hand and to your other ear)
(talk in a different room, walk as you talk, move the phone to a different location). 
Change work patterns. 
(Study in libraries, or other non-smoking areas, eat non-fat snacks.)

Change your eating habits.

Take a walk instead of a coffee break. 
Eat lunch in a new place; take a bag lunch to a park bench. 
After eating: leave the table right away; 
rinse with a mouthwash or brush your teeth; take a short walk 
Avoid getting hungry or tired. 
Get at least your normal amount of sleep. 
Eat three meals a day. (Don’t cut down to one or two meals.) 
Have a few nutritional snacks throughout the day. 
Do something with your hands. 
Instead of holding a cigarette, try playing with a paper clip, small bell, pencil, pen, cinnimon stick, straw. 

When the urge hits you - Immediately Do this:

Stay busy. Fill time formerly used for smoking. 

Visit a friend who doesn’t smoke. 
Fix something around your house, or apartment. 
Clean your room or house. 
Start a hobby. 
Take a course. 
Go to a movie. 
Wrap yourself in a good book. 
Knit or sew. 
Work on a crossword or jigsaw puzzle. 
Read your horoscope. 
Play a video game. 
Study more! 
Surf the web
Cook something tasty.

Practical tips for managing urges that get you through:

Leave the scene of an urge, when possible. 
Get away from a situation that triggers an urge.  A short walk or change of scene 
can do wonders. 
Remember to reduce your temptation before you become overwhelmed. 

Use deep breathing. 
Take a deep breath through your nose. 
Hold the air in your lungs for five to seven seconds. 
Breathe out slowly through pursed lips. 
Repeat until the urge leaves. 
Put something in your mouth instead of smoking. 
Try sugarless gum, sugarless candy, diet beverage, fennel seeds, sen-sens, cinnamon sticks, breath spray, toothpicks, pen or pencil, coffee stirrers, plastic cigarette. 
Cough drops.  Whatever works for you.

Water out urges.

Shower or bathe twice daily. (If you are in the shower, You arn't smoking)
Drink a glass of water. DROWN the urge and FLUSH toxins out. 
"Exercise HARD and Breath EASY"
Try brisk walking or sports that speed up your breathing and heart rates. 




1.  Keep oral substitutes handy. carrots, pickles, apples, nuts, dried fruit, celery, gum

2.  Take 10 deep breaths, hold the last one while lighting a match.  Pretend it is a cigarette
and put it out in an ashtray.

3.  Take a shower or bath if possible.

4.  Learn to relax quickly and deeply.  Make yourself  limp. visualize a soothing, pleasing situation,
and get away from it all for a moment. Concentrate on that peaceful image and nothing else.

5.  Light increase or a candle, instead of a cigarette.

6.  Never allow yourself to think that "one won't hurt" because it will.

REFERENCES: ACS Great American Smokeout - Promotion Guide Nov. 16, 1989