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Although I have been on the web for over a year and recieved many a letter from many a person commenting about my website.
I never thought of saving the mail.  Until I recently decided that on my down days when I felt so physically mentally and
emotionally down from this disease that it sure would make me feel better to be able to reread some of those letters sent
to me from people who had thanked me for just being there with my experiences from this terrible disease of
COPD?Emphysema.  Therefore I will begin to save these emails from those of you that write in for whatever reason.

Subject: Update
   Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:50:33 -0500
   From: (Gary Wendell, M.D.)
     To:  boopack2@BELLATLANTIC.NET
Olivia, I hope you've recovered from your recent bout of infection. I was perparing a talk on lung volume reduction surgery and made a stop
at you site. Seems like you have added a bit. Nice picture of you and the childern. Hope all is well or at least improving!
Gary Wendell

Subject: RE: use it or loos it
   Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 11:44:57 -0500
   From: Dale Pray <>
     To: "''" <>
Hi Olivija, I liked the omar.gif, I can see where you put alot of time and effort  into it. Especially using the old computing and software
technology.  I eventually spotted your signature. You certainly  have  artistic talent and vision.  For learning HTML and computing stuff in
general, the whole "Dummies" series is great. I learned alot by looking at the source of what others have done. Look in the menus of your
favorite browser for a selection that says SOURCE. Click on it and it will show the code behind the page you are looking at.
Some folks have found it easier to use a program like MS Publisher 97 that uses a more traditional desktop publishing metaphor that can
"convert" the document to HTML when you are done. Different strokes for diferent folks. Pros and cons on everything.
Later, Dale

Subject: Re: Smokers Prayer
   Date:  Tue, 23 Jun 1998 23:29:36 EDT
Thanks so much for all your support. I really need it and YOU have helped a lot, please keep it up.  I am going to send you another
address(work) tomorrow.  I have not had a cigarette in 3 days. I praise the Lord for my change in mind, I pray to stay smoke free.
Sorry you are so ill. there by the grace of God go I!  You are making a difference in people''s lives.  God bless and stay in touch.
Debbie  Former Smoker

Subject: Smoking
   Date:  Thu, 25 Jun 1998 14:05:21
   From:  Debbie Meadows <>
Hi, Still haven't had a cigarette since Saturday, June 20!! Yeah!  Thanks again for all your help and please start sending all mail to this
address.  Have a nice weekend.  Debbie

Subject: Re: [COPD] Prednisone is good for many different things!!!!! -LONG!
   Date:  Fri, 17 Jul 1998 08:05:25 -0400
   From:  "Darcy Donahue" <>
     To: <>
Hi Olivia - good to hear from you and thank you for such a kind note. I really am doing quite well despite all of the medical problems I
have. Still maintain my six horses, do stained glass artwork and keep as busy as I can.  I have good and bad days so I just take it easy on
the bad ones.  I was just concerned (and always will be) when I hear someone singing the praises of prednisone without being warned of
the potential dangers it can have.  Your web site is neat - love the artwork - you are most talented.  And you are right - most unusual web
site - I like the way you set it up.
Gotta run - have stalls to clean before the heat and humidity sets in. Thanks for writing - really appreciate it!
best to you and God bless you as well...............Darcy

Subject: Here I go again
   Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 20:42:45 -0700
   From: "Image Venders" <>
     To:  <>
Hi Olivija, my name is Doug and I have been trying to quit smoking for a very long time.  I read your testimonial on being an ex smoker
and I'm determined this is going to be the time for me to rid myself of load I have carried around for 30 years.
 So, I crushed my pack and I begin.  I would be most grateful of any encouragement you may provide.  Thanks

Subject: Re:Somethings About Me
       Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 19:45:09 -0400
      From: (peggy a dupont)
 References: 1
Dear Olivija,  No, you haven't answered. I have been busy reading all the messages for the COPD list.  It gave me some facts to ask
my Dr. I had to go this past Thurs. I done good, but it sure made me tired.  I think that I am basically recovered from the trip now.
I went on medical disability in 1988. Ten years ago.  I retired in Jan. 1992.  It  became very hard for me breathing wise when my
blood pressure got out of control and I became SOB.  It was so bad that I could hardly get to the bathroom a few feet away.  This was
in Feb 1996.  I have increased my lung capacity from 1/4 to !/3 by attending a cardiac rehab. I go 3 times a week and a lot otf the time
am too tired to do much else that day.  I have been having a time accepting that I cannot do as I used to.  I went on disability last year.

I am glad to hear fo someone who has been living with this for a good while.  I have been working on learning as much as I can about the
disease.  I also attend college at least one night a week.  I am an I CARE Volunteer which helps me with Medicare as noone calls me for
help!  I belong to a computer club which meets only once a month.  I love to read and do x-stitch.  My daughter lives with my 2nd husband
and I  that has been very interesting.  She moved with us after we moved to SC from Md.
 Well, I am glad to find out where the boo mistress comes from. What do the numbers mean?  I use o2, but only when exercising.  (One of
the reasons I keep on exercising!!) Sorry to be so long winded, but I finally got started and I could not stop.
Please keep me on your E-mail list.  It felt very easy to write some things that I haven't really thought about. Your friend,  Peggy

Subject:  Re: [COPD] Support List
       Date:  Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:51:57 -0500
      From:  Holmes <>
 References: 1
Hi Olivija,  I am not on the puter, much these days.  We have recently had to move.  The house we had lived in for 26 years, raised both
kids in, was no longer user friendly to me.  I hated to leave there.  It broke my heart, but there were stairs everywhere.  To get to my front
porch I had to go up two sets of stairs, to do wash, I had to go downstairs, our family room was downstairs. Bummer!!!  So many
memories.  Amy said Mom we will just have to make new ones.  Speaking of Amy, we took her off to college a couple of weeks ago.
  So that has not been easy either.  I am doing better in the new house.  It has tile floors, the other house had carpet.  The new house has
no drapes, my other house did.  It also makes me feel good that I can do the laundray on my good days.  Where as in the other house
I couldn't do the stairs, so I guess it has been a good move, but just leaving HOME made me sad.  How have you been doing?  Hope
all has been well.  I have missed you too.    Breathe easy,   Twanna

Subject: I WANT TO QUIT!!!!!
   Date:  Tue, 1 Sep 1998 23:22:56 +0200
   From:  "Wilhelm Steynberg" <>
     To:  <>
I am 23 years old and I`ve been smoking for 4 years.It doesn't seem long,but I've been feeling the consequenses ever since....I suffer from asma,and because of this naturaldisability,  I  have no choice but  to kick a @#$%^&*  habit!Mentally I am not motivated enough,and not
even a slow and inevitable death seems to do the trick.Just talking about smoking,just made me lite up another cigarette..Please send me
some serious advise, because I seriously need it!!!  Thanks Wilhelm

Subject: Re: PubMed medline query
       Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:28:58 -0400
      From: "Gary Wendell, M.D." <>
 References: 1
Olivija, Got the article - will look it over  You ABG - ph = 7.40  pCO2= 52  pO2= 56  ( on room air)
Gary Wendell,MD

Subject: Hi :-)
   Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 12:36:49 -0400
   From:  "Debbie M. LeFeber" <>
     To:  <boopack2@BELLATLANTIC.NET>
Just received your message regarding the hurricane through the Anxiety-l list.  Thank you for the information.  I have been following
it on too, which is the weather channel website.  Where do you live in PA and do I know you??  My husband and I live
near Lock Haven in north central PA.  kind regards, Debbie

Subject: Hi
   Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 23:17:29 -0600
   From: "Maggie MacRaven" <>
     To: <>
Hi,  I just visited your page because I am on the MCS list and Kimberly had a list of cleaning stuff--now I don't have an excuse not to
clean.  I was born in Western Pa. and lived there until I was 19--eons ago.  Only saw your page with the reaper on it and one about death
choice.  I agree with you on this.  Hospitals are unfriendly environs for the chemically sensitive.  I wish you the best, living and dying are two
sides of the same coin--and I have been brought back three times now.
WE ARE ALL ONE EXPOSURE AWAY....................Maggie MacRaven

Subject: Re: "hello and welcome to you"
   Date:  Thu, 1 Oct 1998 21:39:53 EDT
Hi Olivija!  Sorry it took a while for me to answer.  I am being overwhelmed with all this mail!  I joined the anxiety group, plus a weight loss
group and the mail has been pouring in!
Wow, I can't believe how close we are!  I'm in Drexel Hill.  Near Springfield, Havertown, Upper Darby...
One question that's been nagging at me, WHO IS BOO?  hehehe  Every time I see a post from you I see that name and always wonder.
So tell me about yourself.  I assume from your address that you are married and Boo must be a child or a pet??  How old are you?
In case you don't remember my post, I'm 42, no kids, 2 cats, 2 kittens.  Unemployed, but used to work for DCMH.  They wanted me to
go to CCMC and I just knew I couldn't do it because of anxiety, so I quit.  Now I'm working as a volunteer at the thrift shop.  I miss
getting paid, but don't really miss the hassles of being in the working world.
Please don't be offended, but my hubby doesn't want me to exchange phone numbers or addresses with people I meet on here.
Hopefully we can get to know each other well and his mind will be put at ease, but for now, it will just have to be email.
Hope to hear from you soon and get to know you better.  There is one good thing that has come out of this hell and that is that I have
"met" some really nice people.    Have a great day!    Cris

Subject:  Hi
   Date:  Wed, 7 Oct 1998 20:20:42 -0700 (PDT)
  DAWent <>
Dear Olivija: I am laughing.  I was reading posts, finally, when I came across a post to me from you.  I kept looking at  the names in
disbelief.  Anyway, you don't live too far from me.  I live near  Delaware.  Since I am new to all of this, it is kind of neat to talk with
someone who lives nearby, even if it is a bordering state.
Thank you for the links.  I haven't looked at them yet, but I put them in FAVORITE PLACES for the next time.  I seem to get real
tired just trying to read all of the posts on the COPD list.  I have to get organized somehow.
When I saved your link, I saw, "Dog is God spelled backwards."  Very impressive.  I would love to have a puppy or a dog.  Mom
bought me a real nice stuffed dog, which I keep in the living room. Unfortunately, that is all I can have.  You can give your Boo an
extra hug for me, please  My nickname is Boo, because I am so jumpy or scarry lately from all the asthma medication.
God Bless the both of you.  You will be in my prayers

Subject: Hi
   Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 18:20:08 -0400
   From:  "Dale Pray" <>
     To: <>
Hi Olivija Had a chance to get caught up with your journal. I am always in awe of your way with words and your ability to express your
thoughts in written format.  It feels good to have a few hours to goof off a bit on the web and kind of do what I want to do and explore
what I want to explore.  I started teaching my Fall adult ed classes and one of my students is in her 70's. Kind of neat to see the
"older generation" getting excited to learn about Windows 95 and learning about the internet. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago
that the chant of my generation was... "don't trust anyone over thirty" I guess when you become a part of the "establishment" it is hard
to remember why you originally thought those thoughts.
I think you had written me with a link page you were using for updates. I have lost the message and the address (or totally hallucinated
and thought you may have written). If you really did... will you resend me the address.   Later, Dale

Subject: Re: Olivija's C.O.P.D. Resources
   Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 17:26:48 EDT
Dear Olivija, I have spoken to Dr. Barbera at  HUP who thinks you might be an ideal candidate for lung transplantation. Please
call Arlene for his number.  I want you to do this NOW.      Sincerely,     J. Finnegan, M.D.

Subject:  Re: [SECONDWIND] "G thru L"
   Date:  Sat, 24 Oct 1998 12:42:10 -0400
   From:  "sarika" <>
     To:  "Don & Olivija & Boo" <boopack2@BELLATLANTIC.NET>
Dear Olivija,  You have absolutely the coolest website I have ever seen. I can't really get the pictures to come out right but hey- so what.
 What a wealth of interesting reading material and useful URL's. Welcome to the list. My name is Kathryn Flynn and I am 21/2 years post
transplant and doing super well.  I am 40, married with one six year old Sarah. I had Eosinophilic Granuloma which was aggravated by the
fact I smoked from age 13 to age 26 (2 packs a day). Then at 29 I found out I was lung transplant material ( this was1988). To make a
long story short I waited and worked as long as I could-even had my baby and now I am here providing support and sometimes receiving
it. As you can imagine the problems don't end at transplant butbeing able to breathe makes up for a lot of aggravation. Welcome again,

Subject:  Scary I would say!!!
   Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 18:41:01 -0500 (EST)
   From:  "Joyce J. Gibbs" <>
You are some writer woman!  I read your post to me thru all the code....the found the URL for your story.  Went to it, read it to a friend of
mine who said, wow!  that was not what I expected.  I really enjoyed this Olivija.  You are one of many talents.  Do you have other stories
to read?  Sure hope you will share them with me.  Hope all is well with you and the transplant.  Any more news?  I haven't been reading the COPDList for a few days.  I just got the first word yet from the local hospital that is part of the NETT study.  The missive spells out what is
expected and asks if I am still interested.  I am, of course.  I really have to try it in order to try to feel better than I do.  Hope all is well with
you and yours.  Hugs,  Joyce  p.s.  do you really have a little white dog???

Subject: Your pics and site!!
       Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 03:36:06 -0800
      From: Graham Sheppard <>
 References: 1
Hello Olivija, alias"The Boo Mistress"  Just got your hilarious explanation of the misdirected pics that you sent.  I have to tell you that
I laughed and laughed till my gut hurt, I thought it so funny.  How exasperating for you.  Thanks so much for the other pictures and the
"who is who" write ups on them.  Loved the one of you in the space suit.  Graham my husband says you look better than John Glen):-))
I looked at your site Olivija and Graham and I were quite impressed with it.  You are indeed a talented lady.  There was so much good
reading/looking on your web page that I have book marked it to go back to.  Just loved some of the writings in the WIFE area.  In fact it
is all so good and well layed out.  The artist in you is very evident.  I have never been to Pensilvania, closest I came was New York.  We
are "kitty corner" to you.....way up in the Pacific Northwest in White Rock British Columbia Canada.  Graham says that he used to make
photo reductions for electronic circut boards many moons ago  when it was still in its experimental stages.
Glad to know you as a friend Olivija.  Give our love to Donald.    Janice

Subject:  cheer up
Date:  Wed, 4 Nov 1998 10:18:27 +0200
   From: "Anna & Ian Cunningham" <>
     To:  "Olivija" <>
Good morning Olivija - hope you are feeling a little better?  Sorry to miss you ion the ICQ yesterday - maybe later?  Not a lot
to report here - still feel like **** most of the time,and - again - no-one knows why......  They want me to have lots of neuro
tests done and I don't want them to do them because they a)  hurt!  b)  cost a bomb... and c) will probably not find out anyway...
 Me being negative I guess - but I shall have to do something soon because it's almost 2 months that I have had this problem with
my hands and balance.  Hands are the biggest pain - no pun intended.... - as I keep dropping things, broke a best plate this am -
and can't hold silly things,  like a fork to eat, hairdryer to do hair... make up  and stuff like that is beyond me... all depressing...
 Still - it's a beautiful day - the sun is shining the sky is blue, and I am exhausted, so will curl up in the sun with....I was going to
say a book, but can't concentrate on books today , so a vacant mind will suffice....  drift off in the sun with my thoughts!
More later... Anna Cunningham -

Subject:  Re: like most..."I want it all"
       Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:46:42 -0600
      From: Clyde & Elaine Rester <>
 References: 1 , 2 , 3
Dearest Olivija,  Your kindness is overwhelming.  First, I wrote this story in the third person as an experiment. Someone told me that I have
some writing talent and they knew a part of my story and said that I really needed to try and write some of it because I have a way of
telling stories.  I chose to write it in the third person as a sort of way of telling a a way of seeing if I CAN WRITE.  So I haven't
denied that I AM this little girl...
The facts are that being this little girl has made me a pretty strong person to deal with what life has given me as a woman, wife, and caregiver.
I am not a negative person, if anything, you can call me a realist. ;-))))  The person you know from the list is who I am...these are just
experiences that I have had...and have dealt with.
I am just a person who has struggled with pain, hurt and a bad family, but has overcome all to be a loving wife, good person that does for
others ..sometimes before she does for herself.  That is what others here say.  Some here call me Saint Elaine...but not in front of Clyde. ;-)
Thanks for your thoughts and kindness.  I do believe very very much in God.  I am a Catholic and believe that my Angels are always with lift me up when I am down...and quide me.  ;-))))   Have a good day  Elaine

   Date:  Wed, 18 Nov 1998 22:21:47 EST
Olivija - I will be 50 years old next month. Inititially I was diagnosed with Secondary Pulmonary Hypert. with an Atrial Septal Defect
(hole in the heart). This was in April. Last month when I went to HUP they said I have a PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) which is a
different kind of hole in the heart and they changed me from SPH to PPH. Other than that, I have no other health problems.  I was ready
to go on Flolan in July but after a pulmonary test they said I wastoo healthy to start the Flolan. I went back to work, and now I am
fatigued most of the time--have little energy left if I put in a full day at work. I am still in the process of being evaluated and I guess as
longas I am healthier than other patients my tx will be down the road. I am not on any oxygen. On Dec. 2 I  go in for an EKG
Echocardiogram, and a 6 minute walking test to evaluate my oxygen saturation level. While I hope I do well, I want an explanation of
why I am so tired. I should probably think about quitting work, because I felt better the 2 months I was home from May til July.
I want to hold off on the Flolan for as long as possible. I told the doc I am waiting for the pill version of it or some new drug. I am a
big baby when itcomes to going on Flolan. Will you see Dr. Palevsky tomorrow? I heard he is great, although I have never
met him. I have been dealing with Dr. Edelman. The nurses in the transplant clinic have been more than helpful.
Gotta run--let me know how it went. It is nothing to worry about--but we do anyway!!!  Cathy

Subject:  Re: [SECONDWIND] Activated and Ready
   Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 18:28:10 -0800 (PST)
   From: Darelene Reitz <>
Dear Olivija,  Where did you say you are going to have a evaluation at??  After 4 1/2 years I take :: Neoral, imuran,  prednisone,  zantac,
lasix, ..Some patients after transplant get high blood pressure from the rejection meds. For those I take Cardizem CD, Vasotec, and Minoxidil
. I take those three because I have a hard time with my blood pressure. Not all do. I also have to take Magneseum, iron, calcium and a
multivitamin. I also use my inhalers and do nebulizer treatments when needed. I have also become a diabetic from the steriods right either
during or just after my transplant. My surgeon Dr. Davis said I was predisposed to get it because it runs in my family.  I do hope I have
helped you. Let me know if you have any other questions. I will be glad to answer them for you.   Love, Dare

Subject:  Hi Olivija!
   Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 06:41:19 -0500
   From:  Roger Kropf <>
     To:  "" <>
Hi!  Just took a quick look at your website -- it'll take hours to even look around! Kind of like an art museum, you can walk through
in an hour, but have to spend days to really see it all. I'll be back looking in more depth! Val and I enjoyed visiting with you and Don,
Mike, and Renea the other night. We'll be keeping you in our prayers. Gotta get off to school.  In Christ, Roger Kropf

Subject: Just checking in
   Date:  Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:32:19 -0800 (PST)
   From:  Judy Scarpato <>
     To:  "Olivia " Gwynne <>
Just a few lines to say "Hi" and let you know I'm thinking of you.  I think of you all often, when I drive by your house and of course on
thursdays.  Hope this finds everyone doing well.  I hoped to hear from Renea after she came to church.  I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to
all of them longer that Sunday but things are always busy on Sunday morning and Don seemed in a hurry to leave, probably because they
had left you alone long enough.  Anyway,  I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care and please keep in touch.
God Bless. Love to all,  Judy

Subject: Re: transplant questions
   Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 23:04:19, -0500

Name Of Drug
    Dosage  Frequency
220 mcg BID
  2 sprays
Ventolin Rotahaler 
 200 mcg PRN
Up to 5x per day
Bactrim DS
800 mg  Once
M, W, F 
Cardizem CD
240 mg
Once    Daily
Cellcept (Mycophenalate)
 500 mg  BID
Daily AM/PM(250mg tabs)
 10 mg   PRN 
Up to 2x per day
Folic Acid
   1 mg
Once    Daily
175 mg
 Once    AM 
150 mg
Once    PM
Nystatin Liquid
5 cc    BID
BID after Flovent
Pancrease MT16
2 caps  each meal
Daily   Up to 5 meals/day
10 mg
Once    Daily
40 mg
Once    Daily   Bedtime 
(20mg caps)
 Tylenol w/Codeine #3
1-2 tabs        PRN
Up to 6x per day
500 mg  BID
0.5 mg
4 times Daily
300 mg  PRN
Up to 2 per day
Humulin Insulin N
20 units
Once    Morning
1-6 units       PRN
ADEK Multivitamin
Afrin Nasal Decongestant 
Advised by Dr.
Calcium w/Vitamin D
600 mg  BID
Daily   Morning/Evening
Colace/Milk of Magnesia
Once    Daily
Alternate Days
800 mg 
OTC Antacids
550 mg  BID
Potassium Gluconate
=90mg Potassium
Advised by Dr
Tylenol, Extra Strength
200 mg PRN 
2 caplets

Hi, This is Alisa's husband, Rob.  She wrote to you trying not to overwhelm you.  Above is the list of meds she has been on since her 2nd
transplant in August.  Don't let it scare you.  Alisa was worried that you might have been mad about her not sending you all ofthis information.
Hope you can make a decision without using meds as part of it.  We've been through 2 and the alternative far outweighs the pain after surgery,
the surgery, the daily routine which you must have after transplant, or the changes in personality whichgo along with the meds.  Good luck
with your decision.   Rob & Alisa

Subject: Your SIte
   Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 19:56:13 -0500
   From: "Anne" <>
     To: "Don & Olivija & Boo" <>
What a great job the site is.  Loved it always did love the warm fuzzy and have missed it.  Saved it to my file like you said.
 You have a great night.  Lost 12 pounds and fibrosis is spreading and trying to figure out how to stop it as I am now down to 13% lung
function with fibrosis filling the remainder.
 Know I am keeping your transplant evaluation in prayer and that you will hear soon.  Would appreciate your prayers that they will be
able to slow down the fibrosis and that I can some way find a way to maintain my weight.  Have a great night and thanks a bunch for
sending the site made my day.......Anne in Vermont

Subject:  Pulmonary Rehab
   Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:34:33 -0500
   From: Anna Cahill <>
Dear Olivija,  My name is Ann Cahill. I was at Taylor Hospital to participate in a pulmonary support meeting with Donna. I had been
exercising with them last Spring, Summer and part of Fall, until the weather put me in the house. I am hoping to get back in the Spring.
Donna gave me a copy of your list of sites and I checked them out briefly. I have put them in Bookmarks and will go back later to really
look at them. They all look very interesting. You have done a lot of work.Write back to let me know how you are doing.Do you like the
exercising with Donna and the group? They are a nice group of people. Hoping to hear from you. ...............Ann

Subject: Re: "Thanks"
   Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 23:36:23 -0800 (PST)
   From:  felicitas ocampo <>
dear Olivija, i have been dx with bronchiectasis eversince i was 13 yrs. old.only now havei been familiar with the importance of
pulmunary rehab.and other things about my sickness.through your website, i learn a lot of things which are not here in the Philippines
.now that i'm 37 with 2 kids,iam in O2 for 24hrs at 5 lpm. recently, i finished a program but it is not as comprehensive as those that
Bill Horden mentioned. i realy enjoyed your website especially where you have your journal.indeed, there a lot of things we want to
be done but with such limited time and capacity.we just have to make great of what we have.thank you for sharing. My prayers for you

Subject: Re: "Thanks"
   Date:  Mon, 1 Mar 1999 16:41:12 -0800 (PST)
   From: felicitas ocampo <>
LOL, Olivija!!  indeed they can't bury me when i'm still moving. as they say its better to be SOB than no breath at all. I thank the
almighty for every breath i take. i wish i can meet u personally.   take care    lizette

Subject: It's Kass from the S.O.B.
   Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 19:22:31 EST
Just checking in so you will have my email address.I'll send you things that I get in my mail.Some are interesting some are stupid.I get a lot
of jokes but most of them I don't read because they are too lengthy.I like the ones that are a few sentences long.I talked to Ellen tonight,
who is the head of our SOB group.She is looking forward to some new people coming to joun us.You will really love her.She takes good
care of us.Talk to you soon.Kass

Subject:  Re: HI
   Date:  Wed, 10 Mar 1999 18:59:23 EST
Dear Friend:  The weather here is cold.  We have missed most of the snow this year.  It has gone north of the Missouri River.  Northern
Kansas and Missouri, has gotten a lot more than we.  We have another snow predicted for this weekend.
I do hope things go well with your tx.  I am glad you have time before making the decision.  You can get yourself ready mentally.
Brenda Holliman, was who I was trying to place.  I don't know why I was thinking it was a Carol somebody.  I knew of Claude's death,
but did not know Paul's mother has passed away.  I know her quality of life was very poor.  That, however does not make it easy to
give up a loved one.  Hope your weather improves.  Linda

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 10:26:06 -0500
Olivia--   This is Bill from Pulmonary Maintenance.  My address is    I am set up for the net with
and Nescape Communicator 4.0   I have never been into a chat room.  How does that work?  Have a good day--  Bill
                The Reverend William Elbert

Subject:  Re: O-Sat readings
   Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 18:50:52 -0400
   From:  "David R. Overstreet" <>
Dear Olivija,  Thanks much for the PDQ reply.  It'll take a while to check out all the references you supplied, but I do want to get
more scientific than what I've been told so far, so I'll certainly be checking all of them.

Subject: Re: Great JOB
   Date:  Thu, 15 Apr 1999 08:49:44 EDT
Good Morning Olivija,   I am so sorry you are not feeling better.  I remember once when Jim had a nasty infection and it just drained
him.  Jim is doing just great.  Still without O2 and doing anything he wants.  One of the nice things it now easy to travel.  We have made
three short trips is the last 8 weeks.  We went to West Kentucky to visit Jim's family and then to Arkansas to see his 92 year old aunt
and just returned on Tuesday from a trip to Indiana to celebrate my brothers 80th birthday.
He goes to exercise every day that he can not work in the yard.  On the days he works in the yard, he tries to add a lot of stretching
movements, like hold the rake above his head and reaching as high as possible.  Doing yard work, has been a real joy for him.  He so
enjoys it.  This is the first time in probably 5 years he could do it.
You web page was just great.  There is so much information on it.  I obviously could not get through it all, but I have it book marked
to go back and read more.  You put a lot of time and effort into to it and it shows.  Have a good day.  Linda
PS: We have had a beautiful spring, the flowering trees and bushes have been
beautiful.  Right now it is cool and rainy.  My dogwood is just beautiful.

Subject: Re: my mom
   Date:  Mon, 10 May 1999 11:11:45 MDT
   From:  "L Rothersen" <>
hello, My name is Drew, I found your info on my mom's mailbox, she had to be taken to the hospital on thursday, she passed away on
mother's day, yesterday, I don't know how to let her friends from here know. She was 35 and had COPD, she died from a newmo thorax?
I'm only 14, please tell me what that is. All I know is I don't have a mom anymore. My mom talked about this group all the time, said it
was what keeped her going. She will be missed bad here. She loved us and we love her, why did this sickness take my mom? I'm sorry if
this isn't where I say this. I need to talk.  Thank you,  Drew Beird

Subject: exercising alone
   Date:  Thu, 20 May 1999 21:36:07 -0000
   From:  "Ron Peterson" <>
     To:  <>
hi olivija      so glad to hear from you       i was worried      so long since i heard     glad to hear you are practicing the stomach
breathing so much          soon it will be habit     keep it up       i bet you are starting to sleep better?        the reason i say that is that
the body automatically shuts down the auxilliary breathing muscles when we sleep so the diphram does it all        so the better shape it
is the better you sleep       cause it doesn't get tired        i am so sorry i can not be there      we would learn so much from each other
i know we would but for now       i want to talk to you about exercising alone       and i would also like to ask you to make a list for
me of the things in your life that you habe no control over         now when you are alone     God is still with you       and i know
you know that       and if he wants you      who are you to argue         but i do not think he wants you so badly to take you away
from this world and all the help you give to so many others      so tell me why you are anxious to exercise alone    please let me
hear from you as soon as you can find the time        hi to don       love    ron

Subject: Re: Hi Jen
   Date:  Mon, 24 May 1999 20:21:19 -0400 (EDT)
   From: Jennifer_K_Irwin <>
     To: Don & Olivija & Boo <>
There was a verse that popped into my head when you were talking about how you feel like a weak witness:
"This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts
condemn us.  For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything."  I jn. 3:19-20
Your heart is condemning you...and that is fully satan.  you have been a wonderful encouragement to me, i have tremendously enjoyed writing
to you.  God has placed you where you are and He allowed you to face the things that you did.....all He wants is for you to love HIM.
One of my really good friends gave me that verse a while back (I SEEM TO STRUGGLE ALL THE TIME)!
I am truly sorry to hear about your mother, i hope you will keep me informed.  i will keep her in my prayers!
I'm leaving for Tennessee tomorrow mom is a basket case!!  I've never traveled this far by myself before, she's nervous!
 I am so excited though!  Thank you so much for sending me a letter....I'm excited to receive it,  i love snail mail.  Getting snail mail in
college is a HIGH lite of the day, its, someone in the real world cares enough to send the very best!
I guess i'll write again on Friday,...have a wonderful week!  Love in Christ, Jen

Subject: Re: [COPD] Exercise
   Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:59:21 -0000
   From: "Ron Peterson" <>
     To: <>
Olivija,   This is the best news I have seen in a month of Sundays.  I am so happy for you, and I am so thankful that you posted this
info to the lists. Your post will help many to save themselves. Thank you. The cure is coming of course you know, and you will be
there for it, but more importantly, you will bring untold others of your peers with you.  I am so proud to know you, as far as having
new exercise heights to shoot for.  I take my advice on that from Mary Burns a RN who has been teaching pulmonary rehabilitation
to lungers for over 20 years in California.  Stop and think how long ago that was.  When most of us were not even having trouble
breathing when the rest of the world told us lungers to go home and take it easy, she was teaching pulmonary rehab.  She is
internationally known for her groundbreaking work.  Here is what she tells me,  "Have a goal of 60 minutes of treadmill exercise 7
days a week.  If you go to my website  (it takes a long time to load!)    and click
on "exercise information" and then click on how to start an exercise program you will find an article that she wrote  I think she would
be delighted if you put it on your website. She would also be so glad to hear from you and see your post about how well you are
doing  but the main reason that i wrote is to ask you to post something to the lists and put it on your website about what you do for
upper body exercise at rehab.  Because this information is so hard to come by  and I need it myself.   My arms are atrophing.   I am
trying to get into a rehab class here in Wisc.,  but they are dragging their feet. Your descriptions would help many who are just sitting.
      Sounds like they could at least do some of the upper body exercises you are doing at rehab.  So your efforts along this line would help
a great many who REALLY need the help.  Thanks again for your great post............Ron Peterson

Subject:  RE: Comment about tv_related at KYW
   Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 15:55:00 -0400
   From: CBG-Audience Services <>
     To: "\"Olivija Gwynne\" " <>
Thank you so much for taking the time to write.  CBS appreciates your support and I assure you I will be sharing your comments.
Sincerely, Ray Faiola
Director, Audience Services

Subject: Re: Re: [SECONDWIND] Exercise
   Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 14:22:39 -0700
   From: "Patricia A Lucas" <>
     To:  "Don & Olivija & Boo" <boopack2@BELLATLANTIC.NET>
Olivija, I think that ALL things are possible...given enough time and effort!  I, too, am an artist and every once in while I'm inspired to
draw myself a little drawing to remind me of the things that I have to do and one of my personal favorites is a drawing of a snail with an 02
tank strapped to her back with the notation that, "it's not speed that counts, but distance!"  My own personal "totum" is the turtle...and
I have collected hundreds (they are the symbol of health and long life in many cultures, but particular the Native American culture).
 Stay well, Pat          P. S.  I love your are inspiring!

Subject: COPD just wanting to talk
   Date:  Tue, 15 Jun 1999 21:40:15 EDT
Hi Olivija, Hope you are doing well today, I guess I am just in a down mood, and would like someone to talk to. I don't know wether you
have this problem or not, but, I live on a limited income and can"t do a lot of things financially that a lot of my friends can do and even if I
could afford to, I wouldn't have the health to go and do too many things, do your ever feel you have no friends at all because you can't keep
up with things? It seems everyone wants to be around healthy people and don't want bothered with people that have to mess with o2 etc.
Am I the only one with this problem? Sorry for bending your ear but, like I said I appreciate someone to talk to,   Take Care    Alice in Pa.

Subject:  Hi there!
   Date:  Sat, 19 Jun 1999 15:33:25 -0400
   From:  "Anita Jones" <>
     To: "Olivija" <>
Of course I remember you!!!  Let me tell you something, every time I send a gif to someone I think of you.  Do you remember getting me
started with the little pee gif about a year and a half ago?  You were so very, very, patient & thoughtful to take the time to tell me how to
do them so everytime I send one I think of you and how much fun I have had with the gifs.  I'm fine, Emma's fine, Jordan's fine, & my
hubby's fine at this particular time.  I just got back from my annual trip to the beach with three ladies.  This was our 11th year. We allow
no kids or husbands and have a blast doing nothing but laying around, shopping, eating, & walking on the beach.  How about you and
yours??   How has your health been?  I dropped off the list because I just had sooo much mail because I also belong to the open
adoption list and as you know this adoption stuff is at the top of the list for us right now.  I can hardly believe Emma is 9 months old
already.  Boy time flies.  Well I gotta answer some more e-mail, please write again soon it was such a pleasant surprise to get an e-mail
from you!  Your friend in Fl.  "Anita Jones"

Subject: Re: [COPD] "Helpful Urls"
       Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 19:26:02 -0400
      From: Bill Powell <>
 References: 1
Hello O  Well your reply sure got my attention!  I scratched my head and said, now what in the world is she talking about?  Now I
know and it looks like papapoo owes you a big apology.  I am not really sure how it happened but your message was in my in box and
without looking at the date, I assumed it was from today.  (With the mail software I am using that is too easy to do).  No wonder you are
upset!  I am sure that you must have thought I was some kind of a raving maniac.
So please take a deep breath and have pity on an old man.  I know that you are one of the most caring persons on the List and seem to
work day and night looking for things that can help everyone.  Sure we disagree about things sometimes but that is to be expected
when you have two folks that are trying so hard to do their very best for others as well as themselves.  I have no desire to have you leave
the list.  We need more folks like you that really care.
So, if you will, I would appreciate it if you would just relax a bit about the whole smoking program.  I am still trying to decide what is the
best thing to do especially for those who are still waiting in the wings to do something for them.  Forgive me again, I know I really made it
a bad day for you........Bill

Subject:  Re: [COPD] great
   Date:  Wed, 7 Jul 1999 16:34:14 -0400
Hi, Boy, unique definitely describes me to a T! Fortunately or unfortunately...Yes, I have a bunch of great, caring friends-the type who
learn how to use an epi-pen and are happy to come sit by my bed for hours. I am pretty spiritual, but don't belong to a church and wouldn't
be able to attend 99% of the time, anyway. I wouldn't say I'm lonely at all... but having someone around most of the time-like a surrogate
family member-would really be nice. I do belong to several organizations, still-like the Ambulance corps I was an officer on, horse clubs, etc.
I try to not let go of those things that made up my life before. I never had much of a family; my only sibling, a sister, is 12 years older than me
and was on her own by the time I was about 8; my parents are divorced and my father abusive; I treasure and love my mother but she does
tend to view me as a major task and expense(can't blame her)-she isn't around much, either. My extended family is mostly composed of cold
and selfish people who are very unpleasant. My mother sings and does some housework for people, and my father is a stonecutter(makes I have a really nice one!).
Hobbies and interests... I have way too many!! I'm into horses and other animals, music(played semi-professional classical violin for 14
years-until I broke that arm), ambulance service, computers, my Ford truck, research, and tons more.  I do love to write; I keep a story journal
of the progression of my illness, events in my health, comments, test results, etc-but it's in book form. I add to it daily and it's about 50,000
words now. I studied with a few professors of creative writing years ago, and that really spurred me on. Art is another one of my 'big things'.
I oil painted on canvas and 3D horse sculptures and castings for 12 years (still do sometimes but know I shouldn't with my lungs). I have
always been a big art person, and enjoy everything from acting to pencil sketch to pastel and music composing.  I have never really had
friends my own age. I just didn't see much like me in them and preferred much older people-this is since I was about 7.
For much of my life, I had these passions which really didn't interest too many other kids-like cardiology, emergency medicine, pharmacy,
etc. And most of all, graduating high school at 12 pushed me into the adult world, especially when I began working and getting these little
degrees. LOL, if there's anything about me it's that I don't mind sharing every aspect of my life with people. I don't think you're nosey at all!
And btw, I am actually a girl-darned unisex name!!  Well, hopefully I've answered most everything; if there's anything else you're curious about,
feel free to ask! Thanks for writing and take care.Skye

Subject: Re: good morning!!!!
   Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 08:02:40 EDT
Hello again .You know something ? I think we're going to be great buddys.Your so right, when it comes to love and friendship, There
can never be enought   Looking forward to telling you of my visit with my new pul. Dr last week.  My family has been urging me for years
to find another Dr ,well to make a long story short,This new guy is making quite a few changes in my treament..   one being a lung trans
plan..  I knew I was sick..But that sick? Going to start rehab next week. not looking forward to that.   Have a cool day, I' m going to bed
and hopely to sleep. brenda your newest friend.

Subject: last Sunday
   Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 14:54:55 -0400
   From: Tim April <>
Did you hear a beeping horn pass you by Sunday afternoon? That was me! I was on my way home from church and saw you sitting
outside and I thought I'd honk a "Hi!" to you.  :) How are things?How are you holding up with this hot weather? It's cooling down a little
bit the rest of this week, I think.
I finished another year at Eastern! I am now officially a senior!!! I only have one more semester of classes before I student teach. Then...
On May 5, 2000, I will GRADUATE!!!!  I'm so excited. I have already gone to a teacher job fair, called schools for visits, and worked
on my resume. On Saturday, I'll be taking my last two teacher exams to be certified to teach in Pennsylvania. I'm a little worried about
these. I can't find as many practice exams as I had last time, so I feel I'm not as prepared. We'll see. If God wants me to pass, then I will.
I hope all is well. Write back when you get a chance.  ~~Love,  Tim

Subject: Re: "THE BEEPER"
       Date:  Fri, 09 Jul 1999 14:10:58 -0500
      From: Evelyn Higley <>
        To: Olivija Gwynne <o2@OLIVIJA.COM>
 Olivija,  Please keep us informed!!  I am so in awe at the way you put your thoughts down in writing.....  After them
putting me on the list, I wanted to be by myself and just think! It is so much better to let others know your real feelings
 I would be in shock, as everyone I know that recently has had the lung transplant has had to wait longer than the
expected time of 18 to 24 months.  Unless you are on the list or have been I don't think people realize the deep, deep
feelings you do have toward this step in your life.  I couldn't even name it myself until someone who had been there
wrote me and explained their feelings and it was exactly what I was feeling.  Please take care, keep us informed.  I
hope you know there are a lot of us that know the mixed emotions you are going through.......  I also know how
much you must love those grandsons and how close you have grown while they have been with you!  Go slow, My
Friend, and please lean on us, a little.   You have been there so many times for so many of us!!  You certainly
may keep it, I just wish we could all do something to show how much you all do reallly means to us.  I received this
today and thought you might enjoy it! This made me want to hug this little boy, and brought tears to my eyes.
A lesson to be learned here!
Hope you are having a Great Day!
 ~May God Bless~
Little Chad was a shy, quiet young man. One day he came home and told his mother that he'd like to make a valentine
for everyone in his class. Her heart sank. She thought, "I wish he wouldn't do that!" because she had watched the
children when they walkedhome from school. Her Chad was always behind them.  They laughed and hung on to  each
other and talked to each other. But Chad was never included.  Nevertheless, she decided she would go along with her
son. So she purchased the paper and glue and crayons. For three weeks, night after night, Chad painstakingly made35 valentines.
Valentine's Day dawned, and Chad was beside himself with excitement.  He carefully stacked them up, put them in a
bag, and bolted out the door. His mother decided to  bake him his favorite cookies and serve them nice and warm with
a cool glass of milk  when he came home from school. She just knew he would be disappointed and maybe  that would
ease the pain a little. It hurt her to think that hewouldn't get many valentines  - maybe none at all.
That afternoon she had the cookies and milk on the table. When she heard the children outside, she looked out the
window. Sure enough, there they came, having the best time. And, as always, there was Chad in the rear. He walked
a little  faster than usual. She fully expected him to burst into tears as soon as he got inside. His arms were empty, she noticed, and when the door opened she choked back the tears.
"Mommy has some cookies and milk for you," she said.
But he hardly heard her words. He just marched right on by, his face aglow, and all he could say was: "Not a one. Not a one."
Her heart sank.
And then he added, "I didn't forget a one, not a single one!"
Love Ya, God Bless,  Evelyn

Subject:  Re: IM
   Date:  Sat, 10 Jul 1999 19:19:14 EDT
Olivija.... Why do you need IM, to talk to me of course! ( :-)) Yes you do have to download the IM from your end and AOL is sending
you a letter with the download info. I tried to use ICQ and they told me that I did not have enough memory(RAM) I( knew that I did not
have much memory but they insulted my computer.  <A HREF="">SMILE</A>  Click on
that hyper link.  If you decide to use the IM feature they will ask you to pick a screen name, if you do decide to let me know so I can put it
on my buddy list. If you decide that ICQ and IM are too much to handle then I understand. You can send hyperlinks through the IM also
Ken Jolly

Subject:  [COPD] Diane Beck
   Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 14:24:13 -0500
   From:  Lynda Lindsey <linda1@ZEBRA.NET>
talked to her about 30 minutes ago, she is doing better, sleeping a whole lot, but we know that helps us to recover.
I ask her if she was on the treadmill doing the 2 mph, we both got tickled about that one, she said no net YET!
she has really been blessed with a bunch of cards, and it has sure helper her heart and soul smile a whole lot.
She sends her love, and goes back to the doc in a couple of weeks, she is getting excellent care from her AUNT, this lady wont
let her out of bed, her appitite is good too.
Again, she said hello and sends much love your way.

Subject:  Re: transplant
   Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 11:01:37 EDT
Hi Olivija -we have even more in common than you know.  I have 4 dogs (2 are foster dogs going home sometime) and we call me the pack
leader.  Where ever I go, my dogs follow.  Love it.  Kind of takes the place of the loss of the human factor.  Maybe we can find a way to support
and encourage each other through emails.  Lord knows I really need to be motivated.  Don't want to die, but not sure about the tx.  I know you understand that.  Quality of life is so important, and while my life is very different that it was a couple of years ago, it's still very full and complete.
 I'm peaceful within myself.  Now I'm rambling. I do enjoy hearing from you.  I like the way you think.  Take care, write whenever you'd like.
 Don't worry if I'm slow getting back - some days I don't read my mail - get busy around the house.  By the way, I really love your site.  I like the
fact that you are proud of all the parts of you.  What a glorious way to be.  Love, Donna L.

Subject: Re: warm fuzzie
   Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 00:39:31 -0400 (EDT)
   From: (J B Carnahan)
     To: (Olivija Gwynne)
Hi Olivija, I got it both times -----  I just have a problem with the way web tv works, .....My clicker won't go into the text and when I
resorted to cut and paste, it will only pick up text, so I can't capture the warm fuzzie, maybe with all three ways my 'puter guru L / P will
be able to get it for me.  I have just started messing around with building a web site with web-tv it's very limited but ,,,, hey gotta start
somewhere.  Want a friend to listen about the "beeper"? daughter had a liver tx in '91 it went.  --- sick, no hope, call the family,'s a chance, wear this beeper ! -----   7 day's later she was in surgery. thank God she had the chance, but I remember some
serious soul searching ! and the one thing she needed most was someone to hear her, not tell her what to do or what they would do,,,, but
just listen and hear her feelings.  Being her mommy made it hard for me to be what she needed beause I wanted her no matter what!
       I've  grown a lot since then.  If you would like to e-mail either of us you are welcome to;
Her address is ............J B  in  S C................. JESUS is LORD

Subject:  Re: [COPD] EmphysemaEnd Stage
   Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:33:17 -0500 (CDT)
   From: (James Mcraney)
     To: (Olivija Gwynne)  o2@OLIVIJA.COM
Olivija. Thank you for your website on the final stage of the BIG "E".  My Pulm Spec. made the diagnosis on my
end stage several years ago.  When questioned if I was dying he said we all were dying and for me not to concern
myself with that at this time but to stay with my meds and exercise. When I forced the issue, he said I would probably
die of a heart attack first.  I felt better, my family doesn't have a history of heart problems and my grandfather, who
also had emphysema, lived until he was 82 with out o2 and all the meds I take.  I am 57 yrs old, have had "e" for 12 yrs.
I continued to smoke for 7 yrs after my first diagonsis. Big Crash. 16 days in ICU, Came out with o2 @ nite set on 2 L.
Doc said if it had not been for my physical fitness I would have bought the farm. Since then I have slowly but surely advanced to o2 @ 3 L 24/7 and I'm in rehab 3 days a week @ 1 hr. BP stays the same wether exercising or not.
However, with o2 increased to 4 L, my heartrate is 116 with 20 min on treadmill @ 1.9 mph it increases to 138 - 140 .
The Rn that monitors  me advises that is within my range (?) set by my DR.  What this long story boils down to is I
believe family members have gotten to my Dr. and expressed concern that I could become depressed and take some
type action. I'm a disability retired policeofficer and in the last 5 to 6 yrs the dept has a couple of sucides (both were
health related ). I ain't about to give up with out a fight. But myPulmo DR. is going to schedule me with a heart spec or
he's going to be cut from the money tree.   So again Thanks. I know this is long, and I apologize but wanted you
to know how much us COPDers appreciate you.  And show you how you just might have given me a few more yrs.
Jimmy in Mississppi.

Subject:  RE: Web Site
   Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 08:38:43 -0400
   From: "Founds, Eileen" <>
     To: "'Olivija Gwynne'" <>
Thank you very much for your quick and informative reply.  I have been reading as much as possible about COPD - my husband
is still either in a state of shock or denial.  He swears he doesn't feel that bad.  After what I read just yesterday I realize the next
hurdle is to get him to exercise - we purchased a treadmill for the house now I just have to get him into the routine of using it.
I did join the copd email list and today came in to numerous messages.  I went through most of your website but I'll check daily
Thanks again, Eileen

Subject:  Re: [COPD] LVRS & NETT
   Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:33:02 EDT
Olivija,  Please be my guest.  We would like to reach and help as many patients as possible, as I told Dr. Cooper this might
be the best way to do it....Please don't hesitate to call us for any information....Sincerely,   Claudia Stephens

Subject: COPD
   Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 00:17:22 -0400
   From:  Tracii Westlake <>

Subject:  "Why Me"
   Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 21:38:11 -0400
   From:  "Terry G. Downey" <>
Hi, I just found your web site and found it very interesting. I'm am a respiratory therapist and many of my patients are of course COPDers. I
read "Why Me" and found it very insightful and something that could be of benefit to many people. My question is can I print this and give it
to some of my patients? I'm always looking for ways to make their lives a little better and this looks like it could be very helpful. I would just
send them to your web site but most don't own a computer.  Thank you very much and have a good day.  Terry

Subject: (no subject)
   Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 1999 19:50:45 EDT
Dear Olivija,  I can't believe I'm doing this.  Please don't stop corresponding privately with me.  I enjoy writing you.  If I offended you with the
ATRA info.  I'm so sorry.  I just thought you might be interested in alternative treatments.  If I hadn't forwarded something from efforts, I
wouldn't be this concerned.  Please let me know if I've cause a problem.  I didn't mean too.We both love needlework - I do needlepoint, you
do embroidery.  Not much difference - I'm joking, need to make this lighter  Take care.  Your friend in Iowa, Donna L

Subject: Re: Birthday Page
   Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 00:12:52 EDT
Thanks, Olivia, I have visited your siste many times and also find it informative and
interesting.  Thanks for all the hard work you dontribute so much to the list and everyone. Donna Wall

Subject:  Corpse
   Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 05:38:46 EDT
Just finished reading your 'journal', I was glued to the screen. What a beautiful way you have with words. With a few changes here & there,
that could be my story. I am also lucky my husband is staying for the long ride, and it surely is a hard one at times. I am hopefully waiting for
a call for that blessed 2nd chance at life. But we are very realistic about the risks and odds, so each day has a special meaning. You sound like
a wonderful lady, Olivija, and if we never meet in person, I am so happy we were able to meet here. Keep up the good work, Rosemary

Subject:  Re: [SECONDWIND] FYI
   Date:  Fri, 16 Jul 1999 17:18:57 -0700
   From:  "" <>
     To:  "Olivija Gwynne" <o2@OLIVIJA.COM>
I want to thank you for constantly providing us with web sites - very useful web sites.  It has to take an extraordinary amount of time to put
things together the way you do.  You can't imagine the service that you are providing.  So from me - thank you very much. God bless,
Cathy Foreman

Subject:  Re: God Bless you!
   Date:  Fri, 16 Jul 1999 13:51:55 EDT
Hi Olivija,  i enjoyed your web page the first time I saw it.  You  are very creative, no doubt about that!  The reason i was asking about what
was involved is that while niether i nor my church currently has a web site,  i would like to work on that this year.  knowing that,  if you would in
the meantime like to do something and have some of my sermons linked to your page,  that would be fine,  particularly if you think some of the
sermons would be of help to anyone.
since I haven't done a web page before and really am a neophyte computer user,  i have no pictures online.  I am aware that film these days can
be developed to use online and i have some film which i have not yet developed and which may have some usable pictures on it.  Perhaps i'll have
that developed with the online feature.  Meanwhile, all i have are regular pictures.  Would you want that?  would you want me to send you
something?  If so, give me your snail mail address.
as for aol,  it has improved,  though i know wht you mean. I stayed with it because of using several free months of hours,  and then many of the
clergy i know were on aol, and it was easy to connect with them.  but i know it is not one of the better servers.
i'm heading into sunday, and must prepare sermon,  so i'll be pretty quiet on this end.   blessings,   pat

Subject: your journal
   Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 19:07:40 -0400
   From:  "Craig Secaur" <>
     To:  <>
I haven't read it all yet..........but what i have read.........i see some of myself in it.  a few months ago my dr told me i have emphysema.  i am
40 years old and a smoker.....well, hopefully ex-smoker......i am on the patch and have been without cigarettes for 5 excrutiating days.  i am
frightened that i'm either too weak or too stupid to give up something that i know is contributing to my demise.  it seems that i suddenly see people
with copd everywhere i look.  in my line of business i see death certificates cross my desk and lately there seem to be a lot of then listing copd as
cause of or contributing cause of death.  we even had a client come in yesterday who was on oxygen......i ran into her nose to nose as i was coming
through the lobby door.  i think i am being sent a message and i hope i have the good sense to hear it and take action.  i may never get better,
but i'd like to hang around for a while just the same.  this is the first time i've even done any research on this and somehow i stumbled across your
web site and chose to look at it rather than 100s of others...........i'm taking that as a sign as well.  i plan to use your journal as part of my
no-smoking program.........i hope you don't mind.  anyway, i just wanted to tell you this and that i admire your determination and your strength
in sharing your story with's important and it does make a difference.  i wish you and boo and your family all the best. 

Subject: Re: [COPD] It's Real HOT!
   Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 20:46:15 -0500 (CDT)
   From: (Rosemary Dillon)
     To: (Boo)
Boo you little cutey........I'm looking at your picture now.  Are you a girl Boo or a boy Boo -- you look like a boy Boo.  Well, whatever you
are, be a good Boo and stay off your Mother's Vent.  It not a nice thing for a Boo to do.  Well it's nice to meet you. Now I won't have to
say Boo who anymore.   Love you little Puppy.  Your friend in the Big City.++++++++Rosemary Dillon++++++++++in Chicago, Illinois

Subject: Re: [SECONDWIND] It's Real HOT!
   Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 20:30:57 EDT
Yes, I am from Texas, and we have had comfortable weather, with a little rain almost every day, highs only reaching to the low 90's. That's cool for
here. It has become a topsy-turvy world, as far as temp's.Well, hope you cool down soon. And don't begrudge the little dog, she is here to adore
you and love you, but needs to keep cool also. Lou

Subject: I need your help.
   Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 21:18:35 EDT
Thanks for the recipe....It looks wonderful.
I know you will be able to answer a couple of my questions.  When does the mail go to just the person and when does it go through the support
list.  I noticed that several people are sending the same message through COPD and EFFORTS.
Is there any way I can make a list for myself of URL's....I have a list from the NY public library and I was wondering if I could do that without
a separate program.
I hope you are feeling better and not so despondent.  Have you even had abite as far as a person to come to live in your home?  It would be
such a great opportunity for both of you.........Dody-Chapel Hill,NC

Subject: Re: [SECONDWIND] This is soooooo Goooood!!!!
   Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 20:46:54 -0700
   From: "" <>
     To: "Olivija Gwynne" <o2@OLIVIJA.COM>
For anyone who has lived in San Francisco and bought their sourdough bread rolls out of a basket - unwrapped and open to all the germs
of the world -the "lingering smell" of that wonderful bread makes my mouth water.  Thanks. Cathy

Subject: Re: [COPD] It's Real HOT!
       Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 10:24:50 -0500
      From: Don or Darla Arnold <>
        To: Olivija Gwynne <o2@OLIVIJA.COM>
    I know,  O. by time you get here, we will have herricane or be very hot, rain is bad on us just well, and heat not great, I had hard breathing
all week, but I guess it"s a  blessing to have any kind of week, that mean at least we are still alive, I love you.   God does too,  You take care.
 Stay ourt of the heat, and if you want to come home south, we'de love to welcome you back to Mississippi, even take out to eat.

Subject: Re: [SECONDWIND] It's Real HOT!
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 08:42:57 -0400 (EDT)
   From: (Beverly Spicer)
     To: o2@OLIVIJA.COM (Olivija Gwynne)
Your funny. You made me laugh talking about your dog laying on  the vent. Thanks for the laugh! I tried to go out yesterday, came back in

Subject:Re: [COPD] Rehab
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 16:31:54 EDT
DEAR OLIVIJA,Thanks for the pep talk, regarding rehab!! I found an old dumb bell that I used 30 years ago  after my sec.daughter
was born, and started .on my upper body.Felt pretty good about myself, because I have been so lazy and depressed for so long.Still
depressed ,but know I can't go on like this.Sometimes I feel like a real real real old person because of this illness. and in my mind I'm
only twenty !!! BODY- 100 Sorry about going on like this .I know no one nee ds to hear any more depressing stories today.  Thanks
again for putting up with me. and DONNA the cards and greetings mean everything to me. brenda in cinci.

Subject: Boo, you have done it again! thanx!
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 17:01:08 -0400
   From: "Joyce J. Gibbs" <>
     To: "Olivija Gwynne" <>
You are someone special.  You have done it again.  Your recent post on the COPDList on how to get exercizing is the best I have ever
read.  I have printed it so I can be reminded of how to keep on keeping on each day.  Have been fighting a nasty respiratory infection
now for months and it has kept me from my maintenance rehab sessions too often.  I know now how to conpensate even at home.
Why didn't I think of your ideas myself.  I am so grateful for all the good you do.  Hugs,  Joyce

Subject:Re: your journal
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 16:32:56 -0400
   From: "Craig Secaur" <>
     To: "Olivija Gwynne" <>
I guess one thing I neglected to mention is that i'm not craig.......that's my husband and I use his sign on.  I'm sorry about that, I can't believe
I forgot to put that in first thing.  anyway, my name is marcia.  I haven't looked at everything you sent me because they came over in some
format i'm not familiar knowledge of this thing is still kind of limited.  I did subscribe to the copd group, but have not send a
message to everyone yet......I guess for now i'm what they call a "lurker".  I am lucky that i'm not on any type of medication.....yet, I guess
that could change at any time.  I hate to sound ignorant, but did you pretty much go from being what you thought was ok one day to not
being able to breathe the next?  that's kind of the way it seemed to me.  I had a case of bronchitis that wouldn't go away and the next thing
I knew i was taking these breathing tests at the hospital and I could tell I wasn't doing well.  there were posters all over the wall about copd
and while i was in the "booth" I started to read some of them and they scared me so much I decided I didn't want to read them after all.
 I nearly started to cry, but somehow avoided that.  when my doctor called me a few days later she made it clear what I had and that I had
to quit smoking, but no really in depth information.  I wasn't prepared to stop smoking and it took me these many months to even try.
It's terrible to feel everyday that I am at such odds with myself.  I pray this gets better and soon before my willpower gives out.
I finished your journal this morning and I plan to keep it with me.  there are a lot of things in it I think may help me, and I can use all the
help I can get.  what kind of dog is boo......I have 2 dogs and they are a great source of friendship to me.  I love animals.....they don't
know how to be anything but sincere; not always a trait found in all human beings.  I thank you for the information and hope to hear
from you again.

Subject:   your site
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 14:49:47 EDT
hi olivia   just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your sites.afraid I am spending too much time in gadgets.  found the crossword there.
I have been in withdrawal from crosswords since I fell and broke my right wrist. I needed another limitation like a hole in the head.  it is
true, just look up and around and there is always someone in worse shape.  i do not post to line very often as I was just learning to type
when I broke my wrist. hope you are staying cool in this awful heat                       proverbs 3:5,6   betty in ct

Subject: Re: words of appreciation to you
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 17:19:52 -0500
   From:  Larry Holder <>
     To:  Olivija Gwynne <>
Olivija  Looks pretty good, congratulations!
After the author credits ("All Of My Heart" by Elton Smith and Larry Holder) It would be helpful to add this copyright line for the
MIDI sequence: MIDI Copyright (P) 1997 Elton Smith followed by a link to Elton's website:
The link will help others to locate this and other songs if they'd like. May the Lord bless your endeavors greatly!  I am glad you
have found the songs useful in your ministry.  All Of My Heart is one of my favorites of all.  Peace in Christ, Larry

Subject:  [COPD] (no subject)
   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 17:08:42 EDT
   From:  Puffer Pink <PufferPink@AOL.COM>

Subject:  Re: words of appreciation to you
       Date:  Mon, 19 Jul 1999 08:29:52 -0500
      From:  Larry Holder <>
        To:  Olivija Gwynne <>
 References: 1
Olivija,  Thanks for adding the additional info so quickly.  Looks great!  I am glad the song was useful.
May the Lord continually bless your ministry on the web.  Peace in Christ  Larry

Subject: Re: [COPD] Support
   Date:  Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:54:45 EDT
Thanks for all your help. I was telling my Pumonologist how much this group has helped me and he wanted me to email him the sites. I
started with your home page and the support group on line address and wil forward more bookmarks to him. You are truly the best.
Linda in Pittsburgh

Subject::  Hello I want to ask you a favor, My husband has sever COPD and?
   Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 14:29:51 -0400
   From: "suzanne" <>
     To: <>
Hello: I have been trying to help my husband Rob who suffers from Sever COPD and is making or has a site that is been working on but
of course wanted is wife Sue to help him with his for good links and I think your web pages are great and was wondering if I could put
your URL on his links page for COPD?
Husband's site is
and mine is if you want to check mine out is
Thank you and would you please let me know thanks a lot.  your friend,  Sue from PA

Subject: Re: 'FYI"
   Date:  Mon, 19 Jul 1999 20:05:55 -0400
   From: "Craig Secaur" <>
     To:  "Olivija Gwynne" <>
well, i printed your journal; i hope you won't be offended, but i chose to share it with 3 friends of mine at work who are trying to quit
smoking with me but have not had any diagnosis of any type yet.  it took me a long time to have the courage to even get on the net and
access any info about i said my dr told me little about my prognosis other than that i should "get a clue" i suppose the next step
will be to go back to her and ask for details about what my tests showed.  i fault her for not telling me and i fault myself for being too chicken
to ask.  i use a computer all day at work (in answer to your question) buy it's specificallly geared to my industry and bears little resemblence
to a pc.  so in that regard, i am definitely a "newbie"  since i didn't know how to access a lot of what you sent me via e-mail, i will definitely
go back to your jnl and access via links......that may be the easiest for me.  everyone is so nice and so supportive, it's wonderful to find other
people who understand something i don't really think i do yet myself.  if you answered my question about what happened between your
diagnosis and going on oxygen.....i missed it.  how did you feel between the time you found out and that happened?  i literally feel like i
went from feeling pretty ok (i knew something was wrong) to this news that floored me.  i've also noticed i don't feel all that different yet
(stopping smoking) while my friends who are doing it with me feel a tremendous difference already.........i guess that's the copd??  does that
mean i won't feel the same improvements they feel?  i feel bad using you as such a source of information, but at this point, i feel you have
been more forthcoming than my own health care professional.

Subject: (copd) saying hello
   Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 00:47:14 EDT
Hi Olivija, Just thought I would drop you a line to see how you are doing,  isn't this hot weather terrific? Was you able to find any
information in your phone book about the foster Grandmother program? It is really hard to find people to do anthing anymore. I went
thru quite a few people until I finally found someone    I liked, some don't want to work, others really get on my nerves its a visious
cycle.  I get frustrated enough when I can't do things myself and have to have help without them upsetting me . I will sign off for the nite
and go to bed, Iam quite a nite owl and wish there were people in the copd chat room at nites, I keep checking but noone is ever there
when Iam .  Have a good nite Take Care, Alice/Pa

Subject: Re: Bread of Life
   Date:  Tue, 20 Jul 1999 05:03:35 EDT
Shalom, Olivija,  That site is beautiful!  You really are very creative!  thanks for sending me that.  now I owe you a lot...and more stuff.
oh, i've been so busy....was away at the national biennial in Iowa, and have come back to a full plate of too many things to do!  plus trying to balance my 4 kids.  a lot! so sorry i have been out of touch.  I  will get you what you soon as i can!  thanks
so much for what you did.  You truly are gifted!  love,  pat

Subject: [COPD] Oximeter
   Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 13:00:41 -0400
   From: Susan Greenberg <MADLI@WEBTV.NET>
     To: o2@OLIVIJA.COM
Olivija and all,  I didn't have web tv when I bought the oximeter.  It would have paid for the computer and a few months of
medications if I had bought theoximeter on line.  From now on, I'm checking your web page first!
Hope everyone is well.  The weather is finally gorgeous and I'm off to sit outside and enjoy the low humidity.  Susan, Ct.

       Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:29:04 -0400
      From: Tim April <>
        To:  Olivija Gwynne <>
 References: 1
Olivija,  I looked at your website some more. I enjoyed reading some of your journal entries. I also enjoyed reading some of the
poetry. I had trouble signing your guestbook, though. I'll try again sometime. I hope is going well and that the family is doing well
too!  Much love, Tim P.S. Keep me in your prayers. I'm struggling with a part of me which I want  to die, but I praise God that
He has given me a best friend to be a HUGE help in this!  Thank you.  :)

Subject: True thought
   Date:  Wed, 21 Jul 1999 08:28:56 -0700
   From:  "Tim Moran" <>
     To:  <>
I received this from a good friend and it seemed to fit today. Quote:  It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve
as a warning to others.

Subject: Re: [COPD] pulse rate
   Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 02:03:12 EDT
     To: altrcce@RADIX.NET
Elizabeth: From my numerous hospital visits, normal values are:
        PaO2 =   75 - 100mmHg
        PaCO2 = 35 -   45mmHg
  O2 Sat =  94 - 100%
The standard heart rate formula is:  220 minus your age.That number x .6 for the lowest useful level.  That number x .8 for the
highest useful level.  Below 60% isn't really doing anything for you aerobically and more than 80% is just too much for your heart
I am 67 so..... 220 - 67 =      153
                      162 x .6 =        92
                                                              162 x .8 =  1    122               Dave in Omaha

Subject: "You Are Valuable"
   Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 21:38:47 -0700
   From: "Ralph E." <goralph@IPA.NET>
     To: "Olivija Gwynne" <o2@OLIVIJA.COM>
I was going through some of my paper work a came across this little sermon on the $20 bill. That is so true.
I read it every once in a while, then I loose it again. This time I am going to make a copy and post it on the
wall.  I also wanted to thank you for informing me of the COPD-MOD. It is much better. I like a joke some
times but some times it gets out of hand. I have been on this for about 4 days now and enjoy it very much.
Take care and keep up the good work. I don't think it would be what it is if it wasn't for you.  May GOD bless
Ralph E. at Monticello Arkansas

Subject: [COPD] Olivija
   Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1999 19:10:57 -0400
   From: Bill Powell <wpowell3@TAMPABAY.RR.COM>
Just got off the phone with Olivija.  She has moved to room 222 because she was sensitive to some chemical substance in her
room.  She is now in a more isolated area.  In good spirits but states that there is a bit of pain and says that she thinks she would
rather have a baby.  Having neither had a baby nor kidney stones, I sympathized the best I could.  *>)))
Regards, Bill Powell..............SOB (Shortness of Breath) is better than NoB at all

Subject: [COPD] Cannula
   Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 22:40:18 -0400
   From: Susan Greenberg <MADLI@WEBTV.NET>
I tell people who stare that I got it from smoking.  Especially those that are lighting up outside of stores.  With kids, I let them
"feel" the air that comes out and say that I hope they'll never smoke.  So far, no one has punched me in the cannula!
Good night, all.    Susan, Ct.

Subject: Re: [SECONDWIND] Post transplant bronchs
   Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 21:23:55 -0400
   From: Darelene Reitz <darelene@YAHOO.COM>
Since my transplant (double lung) in July '94 I have had over 30 broonchs.. I  had them awake and knocked out.  They have
to put me out for them because I cough too much and have actually gotten sick during a bronch from coughing too much. And personally I do not like that feeling when it goes over my vocal cords. I get chocked so bad. One time just after my tx I noticed
that something was wrong with my left lung. They bronched me and found out that I had bronchial stenosis in both lungs but the
left side was completely closed off. They could not get the bronch in my left side. I was wide awake during it. I was so short of
breath that it took three people to hold me down. I was frantic for air. I finally realized that my right hand was free and I grabed
the bronch and started to pull it out but my doctor found my hand was on it and removed my hand so they had to go ahead get
biopsies and get out. That one was the last time that I was awake with them. My doctor said that he would have to put me
under from then on. I was happy about that.  Take care.

Subject: (no subject)
   Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 13:37:15 EDT
dear Olivija,  sorry i have not been in touch, nor gotten material to you.  been really swamped here.  now i am heading out
for a church mission camp.  willl be back on thur.  and will be in touch with you.  Thanks for the sites you hve added.
 the bear one is also great, as you are............blessings, pat

Subject: Get well soon
   Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 16:53:22 -0400
   From: "Mitch Davey" <>
     To: "Olivija Gwynne" <o2@OLIVIJA.COM>
Dear Olivija,   So sorry to hear you're in the hospital and hope you're home soon. You're a help to so many here. May the
God of all comfort remove your pain, erase the infection and grant you comfort, peace and a the warmth and love His
presence brings. Get well soon, friend. YBIC Mitch

Subject: [SECONDWIND] Sermon: Forgiveness
   Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 06:15:41 -0400
   From: Mitch Davey <mt41284@PRODIGY.NET>
"God Would Never Forgive Me" Have you ever felt that way? I have. I mean, I can recall cheating on a test. I remember allowing
a person in the 7th grade to look off my paper. Please understand. I had NO choice! This was a big dude.He was the school bully, tough guy, big cheese,16 years old and still in the 7th grade, while I was a mere 13 years old, frail, but of course quite handsome
: ). Ah..., but good looks were useless against the forces of dumb, brute strength. Did I say dumb? Forgive me, I meant to say
...STUPID! Well, can't take it back, that was rough talk and totally unforgivable.  There are also a few things that I have trouble forgiving. Like the lady with a cart full of groceries who won't give me "cuts" with my lone can of soup (plus, I gotta go to the bathroom!).Also, the driver that cut me off, the person who won't let me use the word "phoner" in scrabble (you know, who phones), the three cars that, right before me, stole my rightful place in the drive through line at McDonalds, not to mention the
person that bought the last "Tarzan" action figure!! Glad I got that out of my system.
 Seriously, I jest, but there are many, many people who feel God would never forgive them. Maybe they really hurt some one,
didn't stand up for Jesus, told someone off, got really angry and said awful things to their mate, lied, drank 18 beers to many,
gossiped, stole something, had an affair,or just can't forgive someone else. These are wrong and sinful, but please consider this;
Jesus forgave the apostle Paul (called Saul then) who persecuted Christians (Acts 8:1 and Acts 9:1). Paul went on to write much
of the New Testament as he was transformed by the power God, and forgiven!  In Luke 23:34 and in the book of Acts chapter 2, verses 36-38 are passages that should put the mind of any Christian at peace if they should ever feel over burdened by the guilt
of sin. In Luke, as Jesus, hung on the cross, gasping for air (as P.Behm brought up), bleeding, half naked, humiliated, tremendous
pain, and dying at the hands of His own creation, He said, "Father FORGIVE them, for they do not know what they are doing.
Wow! What incredible love. What incredible forgiveness! In Acts 2:36-38, on the day of Pentecost at Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit
was being poured out on disciples of Jesus. This made quite a commotion and people ran to see what was happening (Acts 2:1-6).
In verse14, Peter stands up and addresses the crowd. In verse 21 Peter tells them that "everyone who calls on the name of the
Lord will be saved." This included those who nailed Him to the cross (v 23) and all those who helped in crucifying the Son of the
living God (v 36).  In verse 37,after realizing they had a part in the death of Jesus, they asked what we often ask; What shall we
do?? How can we be forgiven??  We've sinned terribly! Peter answered "Repent and be baptized , every one of you, in the name
of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit...(now v 39) The promise is for you
and your children and for all who are far off for all whom the Lord will call (That's you..and me)."  You think you've been bad?
True. We all have, but this would "seem" to be the ultimate. To God, however , sin is sin (there are no degrees) and we're all guilty,
and we all need the same amount of God's grace. Anyperson, any sin can be forgiven (even the one who got my Tarzan action
figure..I've since got my own via my loving wife, ah, life is good). Webeat ourselves up for our sins. Some, go to the other extreme saying, "I'm such a good person, I'm so much better than so and so (Please read Luke 18:9-14). I don't do this or that etc. That
too, is wrong.  Romans 3:23 tells us "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace,
through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. None of us are more deserving of forgiveness than the next person. That means
the murderer, the thief, the crooked politician, the abuser, the rapist, and those who helped nailed God's Son, Jesus, to the cross!
To think otherwise is to say that Christ didn't die for all,doesn't love all equally (Jn 3:16), places values on different sins, and
that the life and death of Jesus (God-man and Creator of all things) isn't worth the sum total, nor  superior, to the creation.  That
includes us. The Creator died for His creation and is thus easily more valuable than every person whose ever drawn a breath. To
begin distinguishing one sin as worse than another, and in need of more grace ,is untrue and can lead us to feelings of self
righteousness and the "hollier than thou, syndrome."  We all need the same amount of grace and forgiveness. God is rich in both.
We're all equal at the foot of the cross. God forgives anyone unconditionally who repents and accepts His free gift. It can't be
bought or earned, it is a free, undeserved gift from God (Eph. 2:8). If you have accepted God's free gift of grace then " there is
now NO condemnation forthose who are in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1).. Did you catch that? No condemnation.
 The fact that God grants forgiveness to anyone who repents, can seem unfair. Especially, if you've been the victim of a horrible
evil ie, as abuse, drunk driver, and the like. We can't see how they too can be loved by Christ, and so we may  find it hard to
love and forgive them as well. To say God can't forgive them is to deny the power of God to transform a sinner, as He did you.
God has transformed murders, drunk drivers, adulterers and used them mightily in bringing others to Himself  (remember the
apostle Paul?).  In a spiritual sense, we're all guilty of the same (Matt. 5:21-28).That doesn't mean that all sins carry the same
consequences. A murderer may repent but still be put to death..But, if he died having truly accepting Jesus's sacrifice then he is
our brother and will spend eternity with us. God is sovereign, God IS fair, and God is love, and loves all of His creation, and
willingly died for all.
Can we forgive others who've hurt us? That can be very difficult at times. God understands and doesn't decrease His love for
you.  How we forgive others is a reflection of our relationship with God. That may seem harsh but to love God is to love our
neighbor. I myself have had difficulty here, and thus see needed improvement in my own walk with Christ. Yet, I am willing.
I tell God I desire to forgive. I desire to please God because He lives in me. He's entered my heart and so is able to do
what I cannot. He can forgive. He can help me to pray for those who've hurt me and to actually love them..Even as He does.
When I pray for someone I may not care to, then healing starts. Serious offenses done to us, may require much more time and
much more communion with God.Old feelings may crop up from time to time.Again, God understands. Ask Him to forgive the
offender if you cannot.  Knowing God can will help you as well...though it takes time. Once again,  God understands.
 Forgiving others will help your walk with Jesus to be more enjoyable, with less guilt and shame. Not forgiving others,hampers
our closeness with God, because we know (through His Spirit) we should. Does that mean God will take away His grace from
you, if you struggle in this area. No. Grace is from start to finish. Beginning to end, your slate is clean. Your heart is changed
and you desire and strive to please God, because He nows lives in you. We all fall short in different areas and will die with sins
we knew not of nor ever confessed because,... well, we're not yet perfected and God understands. He will work in us to help
us with our sins, for our own good, that our relationship with Him can be the best it can possibly be. As a person who recently
wrote me correctly said, "we must also forgive ourself." Do you believe that when God looks on you that what He sees is the righteousness of Christ? It's true, if you've accepted Him and His sacrifice and have repented. God sees you as clean. Not on
our own merit but through faith in Jesus and Him in you.  So if you think you're unforgivable, you're not. Only those who
KNOWINGLY and deliberately oppose God , reject His offer knowingly, and would just as soon kill Him again
(knowing He is God) are in this category, because God in His love will not force anyone to love Him. This minority, wants
nothing to do with Jesus's forgiveness and reject Him knowingly.
Some final thoughts:  Eph. 4:30-32 We should forgive one another.
Isaiah 43:18 and Hebrews 10:17-18 don't dwell in the past. Forgive yourself, God has : )
Isaiah 43:25 God forgets! We are the ones that bring them back up.Throw that CD away!
Gen 45:5 Joseph's example of forgiving./ Colossians 3:12-13 You are loved and forgiven
Psalm 130:3-4 God keeps no record of wrongs name a few
God does not treat us as our sins deserve (can you find that verse?). To enjoy maximum fellowship with Christ ask Him to help
you forgive others and to trust that He forgives you. No sin is too great to be forgiven. Don't let fear or guilt caused by a sin keep
you from God. He smiles on you and understands we're but flesh. Realize we're no better than the next person and we're all
capable of any sin. Agree we sin, confess to God, repent (turn and begin going the other way. God will help), strive not to do it
again by being willing to obey, and should you stumble remember God is rich in mercy and quick to forgive (I John 1:8-10).
  The Creator of the universe came and dwelt among us, made Himself nothing, came in human likeness, experienced pain, abandonment, torture and death, obediently and humbly to say..I love you. Are you wrestling with forgiving someone or
feeling forgiven? Jesus still loves you and died for your sins. He alone has the power to forgive sin, but any Christian can
validate that you are forgiven, through faith in Christ to all those who've accepted His sacrifice. Jesus says, No sin is above
His act of love and can't be forgiven. Do your best, let Jesus work in you and shape you. Trust in His forgiveness and
remember to forgive yourself as well. He has : ).
YBIC Mitch PS If ever you should feel you've done something unforgiveable, just remember the high price paid for your forgiveness...the life of the Creator of all things, who now lives and interceeds for you. You are
forgiven. don't believe me, read it for yourself. love you all, Mitch

Date:         Sun, 1 Aug 1999 18:04:17 -0400
From:         Frank Granfors <frankg@MEDIAONE.NET>
Subject:      Emphysema types
Found the below at the below URL, until this was brought up I never thought about it. Now we know:-)
This is defined as abnormal, permanent enlargement of air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles, due to destruction of aveolar walls and without fibrosis.  It is classified as follows:

a.  Centriacinar emphysema involves primarily the respiratory bronchioles and is the most common type. It is the type seen in
cigarette smokers.

b.  Panacinar emphysema involves the entire acinus. It is one-twentieth as common as centricular emphysema. It is the type seen
in alpha 1 - antitrypsin deficiency.

c.  Paraseptal emphysema involves the distal part of the lobule. Extensive involvement of the lung is rare. Some cases of
spontaneous pneumothorax may be due to this type of emphysema.

d.  Irregular emphysema is associated with scarring and has no particular relationship to the acinus.

e.  Bullous emphysema, by definition, is composed of lesions greater than 1 cm.  in diameter, and can be associated with any type
of emphysema.

f.  A bleb is a localized pocket of interstitial emphysema, typically subpleural, with no destruction of lung tissue.
    Take care & Breathe well
         Frank in Jax

Subject: Re: SMOKING?
        Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 19:05:24 -0700
       From: "Sam Y" <>
 Organization: Microsoft Corporation
         To: "olivija gwynne" <>
Where did we find you? You are one of best motivators in this group. We always benefit from your very up beat wisdom.
A million thanks for your caring words and thoughts. You are also in my prayers.
All my days are good, but some are better than the others.
Sam in Fresno, CA