I had been looking for another little dog to adopt.  Boo and I both  need some
cheering up so another playful pup in our life to help along those lines would be great.
Getting Don to agree to this  was tricky.  As I really did want him to agree or have to final
word as he has to do most of the major work around here.  So what I did was:
I called the Delaware County S.P.C.A. and told them that I was a COPD patient and on
o2 and it made it very difficult to make numerous trips out there to keep looking for the
pet I wanted.  So if anyone brought in a small white under 10 pound dog of any type
to call me and I would come down.
Well on Friday the 23 of April ,2000 a lady brought Snowball, a 6 lb., 5 year old Toy
Poodle into the  shelter.  When they could not promise her what would happen to it.
She decided she just couldn't leave her there.  The  shelter gave her my phone number
and she called in the early afternoon.  Since Don works at home now, most of the daytime calls are business related, so I just let him answer the phone.  He said "hello" and then I heard him say, "Oh she did huh?  well I guess you could do that. ok bye." That's about
all he said  and when a call concerns both of us, he will come out of his office and tell me about the call.  Well he didn't and a few minutes later my curiosity was killing me because of the  "oh, she did huh" comment.  So I went back to his office and asked him what the call was about.  He says why didn't you tell me you left a call at S.P.C. A. for another dog?  I told him
I did not honestly think they would call me.  He says well, maybe they would or would not have they did give your number to a lady who is on her way over her to see if we want her
toy poodle.  I said does that mean you don't mind .  He just gave me that look that means
"Sure I don't have enough to do yet, I can take on one more responsibility."
But when the lady came in the house with Snowball, Well, Don and i both were a gonner.
She jumped right into Don's arms and she has been there ever since.
She now sits on  a stool by the side of don at his Cad system while he works away in his
office all day long.  He has even installed Dogz on the  computer of his so she can compute with the dogs while he is working on his stuff.  There they are side by side 'putting away day after day.  S he does need some poodle grooming, and as soon as I find a place that will do it close by she goes in for a clean up.  In the meantime we have shampooed her and one initial trip to the vet to catch her up on things.




these photoes were taken on Easter Sunday, Don's sister Ginny and her family came
over and prepared Easter dinner for us .  This is their daughter  (our neice) Janet
and John Robert our nephew took the pictures with his new digital camera.
Snowball is unprimped here as we got her.  Hope next pictures she is dressed properly
to show off all the attributes of her sweet little 5 year old self.

last edited  5-12-2000