and he lives in Marion, AR.
He has a wife named Joy
and two daughters named Kimberly and Anita
(my neices-who will be covered under i am an aunt)
His birthday is on the same date as Elvis. That's how I remember.  Not that I like
Elvis or anything.  It is just the Media always makes a big to-do about it and I am
warned, It is time for the big event.  My brother is a few years younger than I am.
They tell me I picked on him a lot when we were growing up.  Funny, you would
think I would remember something like that.  He tells a story about when we were
small, he would be sitting nicely all by his self building towers with his blocks and I
would come by and knock it over.  He said that at an early age he became paranoid
and he would hear me coming from another room and he would not wait for me to get there and get pleasure from toppling his blocks.  He began to knock them over himself when I got close enough to see him having the fun doing it instead of me.
(Why don't I remember this?)
I remember good times we had before he learned to count.  I could trade him 3
pieces of money for 1 piece of money (like 3 cents for a dime or quarter).  Didn't
take him long though to figure that one out.
Mom and Dad were divorced when we were young and we grew up as latch key kids before that was a word.  While mom worked her life away making a living for us
We did all we could do to raise ourselves to new heights of cleverness.
Once we climbed to the roof of the detached garage with Moms new chenille
bedspread tied at the 4 corners with rope.  We wanted to know what it felt like to parachute off the garage.  We got up there and both of us decided that it was to far down to jump so I pushed him off when he wasn't looking.  That's the story he
says and he has stuck with it for years.  I don't remember that happening at all.
The worst things I can ever remember doing to my brother are (two things stand out in
my mind):   1.  Talking him into charging popsicles at the corner grocery store and
2.  We each got a bb gun one christmas, and we were out in the alley behind the
house shooting cans off a box, and it was his turn to go pick them up and replace
them on the box.  He bent over and started to pick them up; and all I saw was butt;
and it looked like a target to me, so I unloaded.  Fortunately, he had thick blue jeans on, so damage was minimal.
Well, it is many years later.  We both have grown up and have kids of our own.
Looking back on my childhood, I feel I need to let my brother know that he
certainly deserved better than what he got for a sister.  I remember a sweet little brother with a pretty blond curl in the top of his hair.  I can remember kissing on
him and him running away on his trike because of too many kisses from his big
sister.  I hope today he knows how much I love him and wish I had treated that
sweet little baby brother kinder because he is a very special person to me.
"I love you Taft"
                             ..................Your Sis

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Kim grew up!!!!!!!
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