Mr/Mrs. _________________________________________________________________
is a patient with COPD secondary to severe Emphysema.  The patient
has progressive lung deterioration due to this disease process
thereby requiring close follow-up.
Because this patient lives in a relatively rural area and is not in
close proximity of the appropriate treatment facility, monitoring
can be difficult. He/she is already receiving supplemental oxygen
therapy, but it is sometimes unclear whether or not she has any
acute desaturations.
I feel that Mr./Ms. ____________________________________________________
requires the close monitoring that could be made available if
he/she had a pulse oximetry unit. I would like to prescribe a
portable pulse oximetry unit for his/her use at home so that I
can monitor her respiratory status remotely.  His/her and acute
exacerbations may lead to sudden marked deterioration in his/her
respiratory status, and Mr./Ms.__________________________________________________________________
has minimal pulmonary reserve.  I think prompt recognition of a
severe attack and aggressive treatment could avoid trips to the
emergency room and possible hospitalizations. Assessment of his/her
oxygenation and his/her hemoglobin saturation would help tremendously.
I am writing to request  a portable oximetry unit for

home use under my supervision.  Thank you for your time and assistance.

Please call if you have any questions.
Drs. Name, affiliate, address, phone