Before I became a Future Corpse, I was a

These were my physical origins, But I like to think there is more to me than mere physical DNA and gray matter.
I have been told I am a child of God so there has to be something of the great divine in me. (in us all)

My mother went from her home in kosiesko, Miss. to Long Beach Ca. Where they were married  and had a one night
Honeymoon prior to dad leaving on a Navy Ship for the Philippines and the Pacific Theater of World War II.  And for all
intent and purposes I was conceived on that night of June 20th, 1940 in Long Beach, California,   After the maternal half of
me completed a two-week long journey down one of my mother's Fallopian tubes and joined somewhere in the vicinity of
the uterus with the paternal half of me forming a very handsome female zygote (Even if I do say so myself). Now you do
understand that all this is just the physical side of my development.  The real me, the psych, or the soul is about, but, not yet
within.  I just hovered about, conscious of the developing physical me and with no concern at all about physical appearances.
Apparently until we reach the material world, appearances do not matter in the great realm of things.  The only thing I remember
that mattered was the peace and simple tranquility of the spiritual tranquility that was where and as I was. There was no wait for
my fetus to develop. there was/is no sense of time in that plane. they run together and overlap and are not even thought of.
I have no concept of time. perhaps it was in the twinkling of an eye.  Or perhaps it was nine months to the day.  it was all
the same time. By the way from time of conception was exactly nine months. I arrived on time in the delivery room. I arrived
on March 19,1941. The day the "Swallows return to Capistrano"  I arrived To the arms of a woman I learned to call Mother.
I learned to love - hate - loath - tolerate -  feel sorry for - forgive - love again.  The same feelings I felt for my father.  Yes I
arrived in the family that put the word 'FUN' in Dysfunctional.

HUMAN SPERM........................CONCEPTION SPERM EGG....................CONCEPTION

[Full Image for Z131-N-138  CONCEPTION SPERM EGG ]
[Full Image for Z213-N-11 CONCEPTION ]

Mom and I

By the end of the first month, I am an embryo about
1/10 of an inch long.
 My heart, which is no larger than a poppy seed, has
begun beating.
I am now about 1 inch long and have distinct, slightly webbed fingers. Veins are clearly visible. The heart has divided into right
and left chambers.
By now the fetus me is 21/2 to 3 inches long and is fully formed.  I have begun swallowing and kicking. All organs and muscles
have formed and are
beginning to function.
I am covered with a
layer of thick, downy hair called lanugo.  My heartbeat can be heard clearly.  This is when mom
felt my first kick.
A protective coating called vernix caseosa begins to form on my skin. By the end
of this month, I will be 8 to 10 inches long and weigh almost a pound.
My eyebrows and 
eyelids are visible.  My lungs are filled with amniotic fluid, and I have started
breathing motions. I can hear my mother when
she speaks or sings.
By the end of the seventh month, I weighs about 21/2 pounds and I am about 15 inches long. My body is well-formed.  Fingernails now cover my fingertips.
I am gaining about half a pound per week, and layers of fat are piling on. I have probably turned head-down in preparation for birth. I weighs between 4
and 6 pounds.
I am is a hefty 7 1/2
pounds and measures 
20 inches. As I
becomes more crowded, I move around less and less


This is how I must have looked (Artist Concept) when I was a 6-7 week old fetus.

44 Days

[Full Image for Z220-N-190                44 DAYS EMBRYO ]

A size comparison at 6 weeks

As a fetus could I feel pain?

The short answer is yes. At some stage during pregnancy, I becomes capable of feeling pain. Experts are unsure
at what point in development this occurred.  The answer to that is I began to feel pain around the time I began to have
thoughts. Sometime around six months I began to form thoughts and feel things. But, there appears to be no consensus
among experts about the point in the pregnancy when this happens. Also It is not the same pain felt in that plane as the pain
one feels in the material plane. You have to rely on my telling you so, if you do not remember yourself.  Feeling pain and
having thoughts does not "a whole person" make, though.  You are not a whole person until your psyche (soul) unites with
the physical. This occurs sometime after delivery. Usually within the first 24 hours.  But it sometimes takes longer.

Many pro choice physicians and researchers into fetal development believe that synaptic connections within the fetus' brain
are necessary to perceive pain. These are not formed until the 28th week of pregnancy.  Thus, a fetus cannot feel pain until
well into the third trimester.  I say this time varies somewhat from fetus to fetus.  Fetal development is not an exact Science
as we are not little clones, pushed off an assembly line.  Each of us is a world unto ourselves.  Just as in childhood
development and fetal development, we all progress at our own given vibration and pace.  See?

Others, who tend to be pro life advocates, believe that a fetus as early as 7 weeks after conception can feel pain. Thus, they
believe that a fetus can feel pain part way through the first trimester, when most abortions are performed. I would like to repeat
here that the pain a fetus feels is awareness only that something is happening. That it is "aware."  We feel pain in the
following ways...either sharp - or excruciating - or fleeting - or any number of descriptive ways we feel pain.  There is only
awareness of the happening. No severity can be felt.  Abilities are not that developed until after much later.  I repeat
awareness only as a fetus.  There is an awareness of everything that occurs from the moment of conception.  But it cannot be
defined as pain.  The closest I can describe it is: Likened to an observer watching events occurring and knowing they are
happening to self , but having a detached observance to the event and then moving on to the next step in the great scheme
of things.  It would appear that experts' opinions are so heavily biased by their pro life/pro choice stance that they are
incapable of making objective observations.  So be it!  That is not what I am about here.

Pain in an adult, child, newborn or fetus originates as an electrical signal in some of the body's pain receptors.  This signal is
sent via nerve pathways to the spinal column, then to the thalamus - an exhaled structure within the brain. Finally the signal is transferred to the cerebral cortex where it is sensed as pain.  In a fetus, the pain receptors develop around 7 weeks after
conception; the spino-thalamic system at about 13 weeks. Finally, the connections to the cortex are established about 26 weeks
into pregnancy.  Awareness can be felt by the fetus when these systems are only partly formed. The truth is that the complete
system has to be "wired up" before the fetus can feel real physical pain - i.e. at about 26 weeks into pregnancy.

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