Requirements to qualify as a printed Circuit Designer include,
but are not limited to : the ability to package 10 acres of components
on  5 acres of Real Estate.

Printed Circuit Board Designer
when I worked for Boeing in
Wichita, Ks.
Retired on Medical Disability in 1988
Diagnosed with COPD
(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
When I started doing P.C. Design, I taped by hand, .10 mm
runs on circuit boards.  I worked laying out the boards on a light table.
They were reduced by photo reduction, to even smaller size.
Later designed with Pcad software on an IBM Clone.
It was not what an artist wants to do, but it was challenging and
held my interest to the point of not becoming monotonous
or boring. Also used that awful Computervision. It was so slow.
 I would like to share a story here about the times and what it was like
to be a lady working for a living a few years back.  I was an electronics
drafter and had worked a few years more than most guys to get there.
The Printed circuit designer the company had was fired
because he got in trouble with the law.  So this guy that I worked with and I
could both do the job, but I was told "he is a man and has a family to raise".  I am
sure I made no friends when I asked them "what do you think I am raising, Puppies?"
Well, my male counterpart got the job.  I was still the 'electronics drafter' doing
both types of work and listening to this guy talk (we were friends) all the time
about making ends meet and how he needed to make more money than he was making.
So one day he asks me if I think he should ask for a raise.  He really needed it.
He thought since the company was in a pinch to get this project out to meet it's deadline
and he was instrumental in that, this would be the ideal time to ask for a raise.
Well I had no idea if he would get it any more than he did.  But I told him to hold off
and see if I could get him a job with a guy I knew who was a head hunter
( a professional job placement person ).
He had already stated that he would move if the money was right.
He said "ok", and that night, when I went home, I called my friend the head hunter
and asked him if he had any openings for a P. C. Designer.  He said that I must be
kidding him.  He had a company that was really hurting for a good one, and "Why do
I want to know, do I know one?"  I said "what if I do?"  He says "I'll pay you for a name
if it is good."  I said, "How much?"  He said, "If he gets the job I'll give you $500.00
of my (company paid) commission."

Conclusion of this Story is:
1.  P.C. Designer Friend got a new job in a new town, with more pay.
2.  Company moved his family and helped them with down payment on home purchase.
3.  Headhunter friend got a good commission.
4.  Olivija got a promotion to P.C. Designer, a $500.00 bonus from head hunter friend
and both friends think I hung the moon.
The Moral of this Story is:
1.  You don't "EVER" have to stab anyone in the back to get ahead in life.
2.  And always remember that she may be blond,
but don't "EVER" think she's a dummy.
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Lots of luck and have fun learning.
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