..."night before....

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring not Boo or a mouse.
The leash was dragged to the door with great care,
in hopes that Don, might take little Boo for some air.

Then return, and get  some  sleep before it got to late
dreaming of t-bone served on a good china plate
And then Boo in her White fur after dinner was fed,
had just settled down with a blankee in bed.

When out in the yard there arose such a clatter,
Boo sprang from our bed to see what was the matter.
The full moon shone bright and lit up the new snow.
The air, quite chilly, felt like fifteen below!

When what to her eyes soon appeared through the fog,
but a sled powered by eight  assorted, type of dog.
And a little old driver so lively and quick,
She didn't know it then, but it was the *BAD* Mr. Slick.

More rapid than Rudolph his coursers they came,
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name,
"Go Pebbles, Go Taku, Go Mika and Raider,
On Tayla, on Meggie, on Honey and Beamer.
To the front of Boo's door, take me up to that point,
And I'll begin to unload a little white dog from this joint!"

So up to the doorway the canines all ran,
pulling the sled without much of a plan.
They tried to stop short but the misdeed was done,
and the sled crashed and burned. It wasn't much fun.

By this time that Boo Gwynne was awake in a real wild state
she was not contemplating her ill-thought-up fate.
Boo ran to our bedroom, she was really unglued.
Where she tried to awake us, the howling ensued,

Which scared the non-sled dogs and they all  ran away.
On the front of Boo's porch was the burned and crashed sleigh.
The harnesses meant to stay attached to each dog,
Were tangled and broken .....but no dogs had been mauled.

Mr. Slick was unconscious when the Boo appeared,
But even in slumber he couldn't miss what he heard.
He woke to the howls of the little Boo from hell,
His head felt like someone was inside with a bell,

Don ran to the phone and called the police,
who were all busy shoveling the snow in the street..
They said they would get there as soon as they could.
Don said "Thanks" as he grabed up a log of fire wood.

He took it outside and told Mr. Slick to beware,
that he would bonk him again if he moved, if he dared.
But Mr. Slick was  afraid of the doggie from hell,
that was still circling round the place where he fell.

And after awhile the police showed on the scene,
and charged Mr. Slick with K-9 larceny.
The eight non-sled dogs now gathered around,
and Don couldn't bare taking them all to the pound.

So he invited them in for some steak on China plates,
and then a good sleep, but not in the crates.
He let them sleep on the couch and the chairs,
And they slumbered soundly, they felt comfortable there.

It was now Christmas morning and no one had presents,
so they sat round the tree, Taku thinking of pheasants.
The Belgian and Aussie were playing around,
like they hadn't a care, they felt they'd been found.

Don fixed them all a good breakfast indeed,
and pondered aloud what he would do with each breed.
"The Min Pin can stay since he is so small,
and possibly the Whippet because she is so calm."

She looked at the Poodle in her favorite old chair,
"and I just can't part with a dog with white hair."
But that Chessie must have a home with a man,
who can hunt with the dog and keep him on his command.

The ACD Cross needed a special home too,
where she might chase cows or have something to do.
The Shepherd looked frightened and kept scratching the door,
Back and forth, back and forth, he paced on the floor.

Don watched him and thought, "He's got an owner somewhere",
and decided to advertise them over the air.
Don phoned up, asked if they'd had any callers,
missing a Shepherd or Poodle or maybe an Aussie?

The announcer said, "Why Yes, as a matter of fact,
We've had calls here all morning for a whole lost dog pack."
"A Min Pin, a Poodle, a Whippet and Chessie,
A Belgian, a Heeler, a Shepherd and Aussie.

They're owners are frantic because they noticed them missing,
during last night's excitement in the Chrismas Eve frenzy."
They suspect they'd been stolen by a nasty old man,
for resale to puppy mills.....at least that was his plan.

Well, all's well that ends well, or so they all say.
Mr. Slick went to jail and not just for a day.
And everyone got their dear doggies all home,
in time for the feeding of their afternoon bone.
And Don felt that he and Boo Gwynne were safe.
He fed her another t-bone, on a good china plate.

        *Any similarity to any real persons or dogs, is entirely intentional.*

There is a moral here. It is that there is no better Christmas present than a dog;
for the giver, the reciever and the dog.
But, only for someone special;
who can assume the responsibility
of caring for someone else,
The animal you adopt.
The SPCA takes in 1000 animals monthly.  Only the lucky few get put up for adoption.
The others will all have to be put to sleep.  What a sorry end.  The pet owner, despite knowing this, still gives up the pet to the SPCA, for he does not care the slightest bit anymore.  Irresponsible pet owners do not sterilise their pets at the SPCA just
because of the price, and when the novelty wears off, they abandon their pets,
leaving it hungry and homeless to roam the streets.  In time they reproduce
and become a nuisance to people.  Thus they are brought in to the SPCA.
Check out your local Animal Humane Shelter.
(Here are just a few of many.  There is one near you to help you find a friend forever.)

San Francisco SPCA

 Eatontown, New Jersey SPCA



Anapolis, MD. SPCA


Northampton County Pa. SPCA

New Jersey S.P.C.A. Passaic County Chapter

Greenhill Humane Society SPCA in Eugene Or.

SPCA - Pearl River County, Mississippi USA

Ontario  Canada SPCA

Valley Oak, Ca. SPCA Homepage

Pottsville, Pa. SPCA on-line

S.P.C.A. Serving Allegany County, New York

SPCA Adoptable Animals

Hampton,  Newport News, and Poquoson, Va.  SPCA

Pasadena Ca. Humane Society and SPCA


Maryland  SPCA

* Animal rescue: Shelters *

WARNING ! The livestock pesticide Spotton
should NOT be applied to dogs and cats!!

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