Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a lady who had no more children living at home.
The last one of her three children (whose name was Sis-boom-ba) thought she was old enough to fly the coop
and live on her own.  The ladies name was Boo-ma, because she was sad and lonely with no more children at
home to love and care for.  So she boo-hooed a lot.  She was so sad.  She and her husband Boo-da (he looked a
lot like the Indian god budda, especially his little round belly) lived all alone now in a little yellow house
in Doodah (Wichita, Ks.)
Every day they got up and went to work at the Airplane plant, and every night they came home to a empty house,
with no little children to love and take care of.  One day the lovely Boo-ma was making boo-hoo while sitting in a
chair in the living room.  All of a sudden, out of the corner of her eye she saw through her living room window, a
lady walking down the street, in front of her house with something in her hands.  The lady wiped the tears from her
eyes so she could better see.  What was it that the lady was holding?  It was white!  Is that fur?  It is so little!
Oh my goodness it moved by itself!!!  It's a live baby something!!!!! Oh my goodness, Oh Dear, Oh my!!!!!
Up from the chair she jumped and out the door and off the front porch, onto the walk and down the street after the
lady with the little white furry baby something. She finely caught up to the lady and panting, out of breath asked.
what is it?  What do you have?  Can I see ?? Please?
The kind lady with the small handful of white furry animal opened her hands to reveal the smallest baby puppy she
had ever seen in her life.  Upon closer examination she saw it was a little girl puppy with fur that was not pure white, 
bur apricot tipped.  Even more beautiful.
Where are you going with her?  She looks so scared.  "I am taking her back to my mother because my
two year old son is always hitting her and he really isn't old enough to have a pet yet."  Boo-ma asked if she didn't
want the dog, could Boo-ma have it.  She said Yes and Boo-ma was so happy she danced with her new found baby 
friend. Right there in her own front yard.  That evening the Boo-da and Boo-ma decided to name her Our Sweet
little Bab-boo after the Peanuts Comic strip name.  That is how Bab-boo came to live with us and we formed a
family known as the Boo-pack. But this is only the beginning of the story, since Boo is not your typical dog.
You see next door to us in that happy town of Doodah where we lived, there lived a big adult mama cat who also
fell in love with Bab-boo Gwynne.  The Mama Cat's name was Cocoa and she would sit in the yard with Boo and
bask in the sunlight and teach Boo all kind of neat Cat things.
Boo, being a puppy wanted to play and investigate everything.  Cocoa occasionally would have to swat Boo with
an open paw to get her to slow down and pay attention to what she needed to learn.  And it wasn't too many weeks
when we would see them both basking in the sun with Boo's belly facing the sun and Cocoa always facing the sun. 
A few weeks after that we noticed Cocoa and Boo both bathing themselves with spit. Boo was doing it just like
Cocoa had taught her.  She was turning into a kitten.  Washing herself the kitty-kat way.  A couple of months after
we got Boo from the nice Lady who was walking down the street.  She returned to let us know that her mother's dog
had died and could she please have Boo Gwynne back?  I'm thinking to myself while she is standing there.  Is she
Crazy or drugged up?  Surely she is joking us.  I would as soon give her Boo-da as I would Boo, but not wanting
really to give her either.  So, not knowing what to say to such an absurd question I said  "Not no, but Hell No!!!"
"How do you give someone a baby puppy, let you grow to love it, and then come ask you to give it back? You are
a really sick lady to think You would get her back.  The only way you can get her is to kill me and take her."  I sure
got rid of her in record time.  She thought me strange and I thought her crazy.   It is all in your point of view,  how 
you see things.
Sometime shortly after this we decided to move into an apartment and Boo became a latch key kid so to speak.
The Apartment Complex we moved into had no children.  Boo stayed latched in the apartment all day while we were
at work.  She use to love to run around the grounds at the Apartment complex.  They also had a 22 acre lake that
Boo-da and Boo and Boo-ma would go out in a little boat and fish and Babboo would jump in the water and chase 
the bobber so we had to start leaving her at home.  We had lived in the Apartment Complex a couple of years with 
Boo when they started renting again to families with children.  A single mom and a 8 year old girl moved in next door
to us.
The little girl's name was Lisa and she fell in love with miss Boo Gwynne and would come down and visit me all the
time to get to play with her.  She asked me how come I had a dog when there were none allowed in the apartments. 
She had to get rid of her dog when she moved into the apartment.  I told her when we moved into the apartment that
they didn't allow kids and I had to get rid of my kids. Lisa knew I was kidding her though.  Pretty soon she showed 
up with a fluffy little dog almost the spitting image of Boo and she had named her puppy Cocoa after Boo's Mama 
Cat.  (I had told her all the stories of why Boo Gwynne does all the cute little cat things she does.)
Then in the pursuing months Lisa's mom married her Boyfriend Phil and they all moved out to the suburbs to a 
nice home they had bought.  But because the landscapers were still working on the yard and there was no fence yet,
they put little Cocoa in the basement (which was half finished and half unfinished). And they went off to school and
work.  Cocoa in the meantime didn't like being locked in the basement and chewed through the wallboard in the
unfinished part of the house and went into the finished part of the house, chewed and tore up furniture and things,
pooped on carpets and wrecked things in general.  That night Lisa called me and was crying hysterically and said
daddy Phil was gonna take Cocoa to the pound for what she did and the pound would kill her and would I please
save her life by taking her.  Well Gee, what else could I do ?????
Boo Gwynne of course disapproved.  She told me flatly that nobody asked her what she though of the situation.
Picture Boo sitting on her pillow holding her paw pointing down just like the romans at the games.
Cocoa was a real sweet companion for all of us, even with siblings rivalry we all enjoyed her.
She came with us when we left Doodah and came to Philly.  Cocoa lived about Three and a half years and
when she was three she developed Epilepsy.  She died in 1992.  It was a sad, painful death and she is still much
missed and thought of often by me.
Bab-boo, on the other hand is somewhat self centered and glad to be an only child again.  She loves to roam her
domain here. She delights in chasing Porkey (the groundhog) back down the hill and out of her yard.  She likes to
watch the squirrels and chipmunks and doves eat the feast that the master fairy (Boo-da) scatters around for the 
critters. She also likes to watch them from the living room window as she sits in the sunshine and preens herself as 
her mama taught her to do.
There are many, many adventures in the life of a Boo child.  Stay tuned for further adventures with the mighty
Babboo who reigns supreme as the "GRAND BOOBA OF DOODA"

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