Posted on Tuesday - August 23, 2000

By a concerned citizen of Delaware County, Pa.

 Regarding: The Delaware County SPCA - located in Media Pa.



Please email me if you care about this shameful waste of beautiful and loving animals
or The Shocking reputation this puts upon our beautiful Delaware County.

Seeking Reform of the Delaware County SPCA
Please join in encouraging the Delaware County SPCA to change their policies and facility into something
Delaware County and its residence can be proud of.  Our community and the animals who live here deserve
better!!!  While they purport to be the Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals, their current Board
of Directors continues to resist pleas for reform.


BEHIND CLOSED DOORS...............
Delaware County SPCA kills thousands of helpless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens each year.
          Example: In May 1999 alone, approximately 249 dogs and 281 cats were unnecessarily killed.
Shockingly, the SPCA refuses to staff a veterinarian to assist animals in need.
More shockingly, the board of directors permits kennel hands to routinely kill animals by lethal injection.
Under current Delaware county SPCA practices, animals may only have three days or less to be adopted
          before they are killed.

(Our Delaware County SPCA has the financial resources to implement similar policies, but currently refuses
to do so.)

Adopt 'NO KILL' Policies
Staff Veterinarians to care for sick and injured animals and rehabilitate them for adoption.
Require animals to to be spayed or neutered before they are adopted.
Staff animal behaviorists to train pets which our Delaware County SPCA would label "unadoptable" and,
         therefor, kill.
Encourage community volunteer programs to care for animals until they are adopted, walking,
         playing, training, fostering, etc.
Caring for animals should be a community effort. Doing nothing sends a clear signal to the abuser that
the community tolerates and even condones such cruelty.  I am only one resident of Delaware County
speaking out against this inhumane injustice, for all the animals that can not speak up and protect their
own life.
What kind of world will not try to make life better for the ones who cannot speak for themselves?????

Would You like to help Delaware County SPCA become really 'Humane' in their treatment of animals.
If you are a business or a private citizen of Delaware Couty and have an email address, please email me and allow us to post your support of this reform for the betterment of our community and the animals we are given to protect.
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Donald H. Gwynne
Olivija Fisher-Gwynne
Deb Kelley

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