"Death of Innocence"

I lie in here, beside the whitewashed wall,
My hair is gone, my head is bald,
The room is sterile and it's very cold,
Wish you were here, Dad, I need someone to hold.

I can't breathe, I'm on a machine,
It goes whirr and click, it's such a din,
I've got lung cancer, it's all black inside,
When Mom says smoking causes cancer, Dad, I think she lied.

I never lit up, even when you did,
I just sat next to you, a small little kid,
You huffed and puffed through your life, Dad,
And Mom always looked so very sad.

My friends asked me to smoke, but I never did,
Because Mom told me from young: smoking is stupid,
It soots up your lungs and blackens your teeth,
So when I see a smoker, Dad, I anger and seethe.

You smoked two packs a day but you're still healthy and strong,
I hate smokers, Dad, but I never thought you wrong,
I love you, Dad, I always sat next to you,
And I know that you always loved me too.

The room here is cold, I see you through the glass,
And I think back to long ago, Dad, of times past,
Of the memories, I recall as much as I can,
There's always been a cigarette, Dad, stuck inside your hand.

I remember the fun things, Dad, all the times we had,
But as I look at you from here, you look so very sad,
You're not smoking, Dad, no cigarette I can see on you,
Maybe it's just the hospital, and this is the ICU.

My breathing becomes labored, I don't think I'll live,
Well, I tried my best, I gave all I had to give,
But one thing, Dad, I cannot comprehend,
I'm not a smoker, so why is my life about to end?
Author Unknown

"Winners quit    and    Quitters win"

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Here is a message from a lady who has a smoking story and how it robs not just the smoker of their life , but also see how it affects those aroud you also. Your very loved ones. Is this also happening in your life and the life of your loved ones?

Barb Norton

Many people may not want to hear this, but you must quit smoking, as many doctor have indicated .   My Mother is in the hospital rigth now.  She is struggling to breath with advanced severe COPD/Emphysema and Bronchitis.   She turned 73 yesterday.  When she was 45 , she was coughing up blood and doctor told her she would die if she did not quit.  In 1986 she had lung cancer and nearly died.  She was in the hospital for 6 weeks. Each time the doctors said she should not smoke.  I would give any thing if the doctor had demanded she not smoke as a condition for treatment.   They still are too understanding.
    We have lived together for 17 years.  I started to move out after her lung cancer.  I will always wonder if I had demanded she stop or else what might have happened.  She is now in bed and if she moves at all her heart beat goes up to 160.  Although she is extremely thin her blood sugar is now 300 and out of control.  It is just a matter of time before she either has a heart attack or suffocates to death. She told me yesterday that she wishes she had never ever had a cigarrette. She told me "I just want to breath"  and " if I have to live this way, I would just as soon die".
   My Dad died of lung cancer that went to the brain.   It was  a painful death. I think it is time that we as a society tell the truth. These
cancer sticks will kill you and damage many peoples lives in the process.  My sweet Dad adored his grandchildren and smoking deprived him of the chance to see them grow up.   My Mother will never get to see her grandchildren marry and have families.
    Thanks, Barb

Friday, July 23, 1999


Set a little goal and then reach it. Make the next one just a little bigger. Reach it too. 
Can you feel your confidence building?
Living a life of purpose means living your life on purpose. Idle moments certainly have their value.
They bring peace, relaxation and contemplation. But drifting along in idleness just because 
you don't know what to do next is an enormous waste of one of  the mostprecious things you have -- your time.

Every big achievement is made from lots of little goals. Those people who always know what they're working to accomplish are the ones who get things done. They cultivate a habit of setting goals and then reaching them.

It's not complicated. It's not magic. But it does produce results which seem almost magical
to anyone looking in from the outside.
Decide what you will accomplish and then accomplish it. If it seems overwhelming, break it down
into as many small accomplishments as necessary. The little goals do matter,
because they serve as solid building blocks for even bigger goals.
Follow your goals all the way to where you would like to be.

After less than 30 min of smoking your last cigarette
- pulse returns to normal*
- blood pressure drops down to normal*
 temperature of hands and feet increase to normal*
After 8 hours
- blood's oxygen level returns to normal*
- carbon monoxide level in blood decreases to normal*
After 24 hours
- risk of heart attack decreases
After 48 hours
- sense of smell and taste increase
- nerve endings begin regrowth
After 72 hours
- breathing becomes easier after bronchial tubes relax
- lung capacity increases
From 2 weeks to 3 months
- circulation improves
- walking and physical activity is easier
From 1 to 9 months
 body's energy level increases
- lungs increase their ability to handle mucus, reduce infection and clean themselves
- sinus congestion, coughing, fatigue, shortness of breath decrease
After 5 years
- death rate because of lung cancer decreases about 50% for the average, one-pack-a-day smoker
After 10 years
- death rate from lung cancer becomes about equal to that of non-smokers 
- pre-cancerous cells are replaced
- risks for other cancers (mouth, larynx, pancreas, bladder, kidney and esophagus) decrease
* "Normal" refers to what was an average level for you before smoking your last cigarette,
depending on your fitness level and other factors.
Come Join us or share your ideas.

This is:


1.  More than eight of every 10 cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. There is no cure for lung cancer, and
                             nine out of 10 lung cancer victims die within five years. 
 2.  Tobacco contains substances that increase your risk of developing cancer.
3.  Tobacco contains a poison called nicotine. An injection of one drop  of nicotine in its purest form (70 mg) will kill
     an average-sized man.  Cigarettes contain a very small amount of nicotine (between .1 and 2. mg). This amount 
                will not kill you, but will make your heart beat faster and can make your hands shake. 
4.   Regular use of tobacco products leads to addiction. Most people would  like to quit smoking and chewing, but
                                 cannot because they are addicted to nicotine.
5.  It is estimated that every cigarette a person smokes takes about 12 minutes off his or her life.
6.  Smoking increases your risk of getting many serious diseases including cancer, heart disease, emphysema, 
                                          COPD and bronchitis.
 7.   Fires started by cigarettes cause 25,000 deaths each year in this country
8.  Smoking is dangerous for nonsmokers who breathe the smoke from smokers' cigarettes. During the 12 
               minutes a cigarette burns, smoke from the cigarette fills the room with poisonous gases. 
9.  Smokeless tobacco use can lead to the development of white patches (oral leukoplakia) in the mouth where
                             tobacco is placed. These patches can turn into cancer. 
10.  Tobacco use (smoking or smokeless) causes bad breath. 
11.  Even for a beginning smoker, cigarettes can cause harm, including lung problems, smoker's cough and the
                likelihood of addiction. Even if you smoke only one cigarette a day, it can be harmful. 
12.  Smokeless tobacco increases the risks of mouth cancer and other diseases of the mouth like tooth decay 
               and gum recession. Early signs of mouth cancer may occur after just a few years of use.
13.  Smoking during pregnancy can harm the developing baby. 
14.  Over 400,000 Americans die each year from smoking-related diseases. That's more than from AIDS, 
                     alcohol, car accidents, fires, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. 
15.  Over 46 million Americans have quit smoking but 3,000 adolescents try their first cigarette every day. 
16.  The nicotine in tobacco products is addictive in the same way that heroin and cocaine are addictive. 
17.  The initiation of daily smoking most often occurs in grades six through nine among children between the 
        ages of 11 and 14. About half (51.3%) of high-school seniors who smoke daily began smoking by age 15. 
18.  A very strong relationship exists between smoking and academic performance. Of those seniors with an A
      average in their senior year only 7% were current daily smokers; of those with a D average, 46%  were daily
19.  Cigarette advertising appears to increase young people's risk of smoking by affecting their perceptions of 
                              the pervasiveness, image, and function of smoking. 
20.   Age 13 is when the average teen has his or her first whole cigarette. By age 14, half have started to inhale. 
                             By 15, half have bought their first pack of cigarettes. 
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