okay, so now the world knows my name. I guess that's a good start. Why did I put this page up? I'm still trying to answer that question. I guess I either have too much time on my hands, or, I wonder if there is any one out there in cyberspace who might be interested in the kinds of things I am into.
Oh, alright. Both and more.
I am a mom of two young boys, a caregiver (A.K.A. a sparring partner) to my mom, a wife, an artist, and novice musician.
I am currently trying to learn "html", want to learn JAVA, and have been going crazy learning how to create GIFs. I've been lost in the technological 'ice-age' for a while now, so when I saw what was available for things like this- I never imagined it could be this cool. So, into the WWW I go- head first.

So After she left here and got herself her own Web Site.
And you can find it HERE

...- Water Color Pencil

...-Pen and ink Wash

...-Painted on Black leather Chest

...-Acrylic on Jeans