"Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, while you can."

This Site maintained as a Memorial
Mar 19,1941 - Mar 12 2004


INTRODUCTION TO MY WEBSITES- Memorable Quotes and a poem:http://www.olivija.com/intro/
HOME - Everything is referenced off of this page:http://www.olivija.com/


ALLERGY- Allergies, And what can we do about them???:http://www.olivija.com/allergy/
ANXIETY - How to better avoid Panic attacks, anxiety and stress: http://www.olivija.com/panic/
ASTHMA- A serious Medical Condition, Requiring direct supervision by a  PHYSICIAN: http://www.olivija.com/asthma/
BOOKMARKS- If it pertains to COPD, you can find it here: http://www.olivija.com/lungs/
COPD  RESOURCES - Mass Information on COPD and how you let it affect you: http://www.megalink.net/~dale/olivija.html
COPD- Even more stuff on the disease of COPD: http://www.olivija.com/copd/
DIET- A healthy diet for COPD Patients to adopt:http://www.olivija.com/diet/
DIET 2 - If you have COPD and need to gain weight:  http://www.olivija.com/diet2/
DISEASE CLASS - International Classification of Diseases ( ICD-9 & 10 ) plus other: http://www.olivija.com/diseaseclass/
DYSPNEA- Breathing discomfort or significant breathlessness: http://www.olivija.com/dyspnea/
ENDSTAGE- What is the worse case scenario of this damn disease?:http://www.olivija.com/endstage/
EXERCISE- The benefits to variety, plus much, much more:http://www.olivija.com/exercise/
GERMS- Just what Germ is waiting for you around the next corner:http://www.olivija.com/germ/
IMMUNE SYSTEM - Bringing Balance to Immune System: http://www.olivija.com/immune/
JIM'S STORY- What went wrong after transplant - focus here on Medical care - http://www.olivija.com/Jim/
LVRS- And the Nett program Ripoff - sucess stories of this operation:http://www.olivija.com/lvrs/
MCS- Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Illness:   http://www.olivija.com/mcs/
MEDICATIONS- List of often used drugs and related information:http://www.olivija.com/medications/
MEDITATE- Prayer and meditation and the benefits thereof:: http://www.olivija.com/meditate/
MEDITATE 2 - BREATH - breathing exercises and our link to life:  http://www.olivija.com/meditate2/
MELISSA- A Living lung donation for a 27 YOF w/ CF & Diabetes, TX #98 @ USC. Hosp.: http://www.olivija.com/melissa
NIV- (Non-Invasive Ventilation) - From Bi-pap to C-pap and everything in between:http://www.olivija.com/NIV/
ODDS & ENDS - If you can't find it anywhere else, then it is probably here:  http://www.olivija.com/odds&ends/
PEAK FLOW - Peak flow's, meters,  fev's and pft's and what does it all mean?:  http://www.olivija.com/peakflow/
TRANSPLANT- All aspects of lung transplantation: http://www.olivija.com/tx/


SMOKERS PRAYER - My First Non-Smoking Website at: http://www.olivija.com/SMOKERSPRAYER/
Pre-quit - An introduction to the Smoke No More Program - http://www.olivija.com/pre-quit/
Quit-triggers - Triggers and urges and how to stop them, and  links to other No Smoking Sites - http://www.olivija.com/quit-triggers/
Winners - Visual and verbal accounts of people who have quit and how they did it. -  http://www.olivija.com/winners/
Smoke No More - Facts from American Lung Association and motivational messages - http://www.olivija.com/SmokeNoMore/
Kick-Butt - Simple messages and tips from members and the American Lung Association - http://www.olivija.com/kick-butt/
Gadgets - Games to keep hands busy and mind elsewhere,.also quit smoking meter here - http://www.olivija.com/gadgets/
Below are three pages of visuals that should help you make up your mind to quit -


AFFIRMATIONS- Spirit Lifting (need I say More):http://www.olivija.com/affirmations/
ARTIST- Some of my work and lots of others doings.  Very Interesting though:http://www.olivija.com/artist/
ATTITUDE  IS EVERYTHING - How do you let life's events mold you?:  http://www.olivija.com/attitude/
BIRTHDAY- Email me to be listed on this page, also send a birthday greeting to others from here: http://www.olivija.com/birthday/
COMEDIAN- Over a dozen pages of jokes of all kind: http://www.olivija.com/comedian/
COMPUTER GEEK - Jokes about computers and people who use them:  http://www.olivija.com/computer-humor/
COMPUTER HUMOR - More Jokes about computers and people who use them:  http://www.olivija.com/computer-humor2/
COMPUTER HELP - Can we help you learn some simple computer skills?http://www.olivija.com/lessons/
CYBERSPACE- Trying to get Woodie Guthrie song samples here:http://www.olivija.com/cyberspace/
DEADHEAD- Emphasis here is on the 'Teddy Bear Picnic':http://www.olivija.com/deadhead/
DESIGNER- Just a small sampling of me as a single working mother:http://www.olivija.com/designer/
DOG LOVER- Photo's of members dog's and items for pet's who own somebody:http://www.olivija.com/dog/
DONALD AND OLIVIJA - Photo's of Donald And I - past and present:  http://www.olivija.com/donald&olivija/
DOPE ON A ROPE - I will go to any length to get O2 so I can breath!!!: http://www.olivija.com/dog/
DREAMER TO SOME - Me and my familiars, Boo Gwynne & Coco Puff ,in a pack time out: http://www.olivija.com/dreamer/
EMBRODIARY- Yes, I have dabbled some in this refined ladies art:http://www.olivija.com/needler/
EPITAPH- Write your's now, before you go and I'll post it here and now!!!:http://www.olivija.com/epitaph/
FORMER FETUS - My real origin, and probably more than you really want to know:http://www.olivija.com/fetus/
FUTURE CORPSE - My Journal about living with COPD:  http://www.olivija.com/corpse/
GAMES- Numerous games to play on the computer: http://www.olivija.com/funstuff/
GAMES TWO - Just another page of games: http://www.olivija.com/funstuff2/
GERMANY- Photos from Don's trip to Germany:  http://www.olivija.com/germany/
GINA ARLENE - My first daughter and love of my life:  http://www.geocities.com/ginagreen78130/index.htm
GRANDMOTHER- Sweet sayings and poems and my  son's children: http://www.olivija.com/grammy/
GRANDMOTHER AGAIN - More of the same with my youngest daughter's children:  http://www.olivija.com/grammy-again/
MISC. PICTURES - Random Pictures of ours
MY BABY DAUGHTER - Just a little about Aleshia Renea :  http://www.olivija.com/Renea/
MY SON- Just a little about Glenn Aubrey: http://www.olivija.com/Glenn/
NIGHTMARE TO OTHERS - A painted sweatshirt I airbrushed:http://www.olivija.com/nightmare/
OFFERINGS OF OLIVIJA - Some of my writings:http://www.olivija.com/judge/
RECYCLER- A Sci-fi story and poem: http://www.olivija.com/recycle/
ROLE  MODELS - Who do we have to look up to anymore?:  http://www.olivija.com/rolemodel/
SISTER TO - Something about my brother and his family:  http://www.olivija.com/sister/
SOOTHSAYER- Brain Teasers and Mind Bogglers: http://www.olivija.com/soothsayer/
SUCKER- Do you believe asll  this? humor about not so funny stuff: http://www.olivija.com/sucker/
SURFERS- Some saved messages from emails I have recieved in the past:http://www.olivija.com/surfers/
THINKER- Events and opinions on 911 disaster: http://www.olivija.com/thinker/
WORLD OF URLS - Lots of links to sites I found interesting : http://www.olivija.com/urls/
VETERAN- My Veteran cousin's Purple Heart Page: http://www.olivija.com/vet/
WIFE- My life as Donald's wife: http://www.olivija.com/wife/
WRITER- My Familiar, Boo Gwynn's Web Site: http://www.olivija.com/dogwriter/
YANKEE DOODLE DANDIES - My grandsons Ian and Daevid's Website:  http://www.olivija.com/ian&daevid/
LOCAL ANIMAL CARE- Deleware County, Pa. SPCA complaints: http://www.olivija.com/animalcare/

CARDS TO SEND 'by olivija'

A FRIEND - - - http://www.olivija.com/friend/
A HUGGER - - - http://www.olivija.com/HUG/
A MERRY HEART - - - http://www.olivija.com/physician/
A MISSIONARY - - - http://www.olivija.com/missionary/
A WARM FUZZY - - - http://www.olivija.com/warm-fuzzy/
WHY ME - - -  http://www.olivija.com/whyme/
TEDDY BEAR LOVE - - - http://www.olivija.com/bear/
BREAD OF LIFE - - - http://www.olivija.com/card11/
BRIDGE FOR OTHERS - - - http://www.olivija.com/card6/
FATHERS DAY - - - http://www.olivija.com/card9/
RAINBOW GET WELL - - - http://www.olivija.com/getwell/
BOO'S LIFE STORY - - - http://www.olivija.com/booda/
HALLOWEEN BOO - - - http://www.olivija.com/whitedog/
BOO THANKSGIVING - - - http://www.olivija.com/thanks/
SNOWBALL - - - http://www.olivija.com/snowball/
VALENTINE LOVE STORY - - - http://www.olivija.com/valentine/
GREAT PUMPKIN - - - http://www.olivija.com/pumpkin/
HOW BOO SAVED CHRISTMAS - - - http://www.olivija.com/christmas/
CAREGIVER - - - http://www.olivija.com/act1/


BIRTHDAY BEARS - - - http://www.olivija.com/card/
SUNNY DAY BIRTHDAY - - - http://www.olivija.com/card2/
GOLF BIRTHDAY - - - http://www.olivija.com/card7/
BIRTHDAY PARTY - - - http://www.olivija.com/card10/
EXERCISE BIRTHDAY - - - http://www.olivija.com/card8/

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